(Photo) Jon & Kate Gosselin Get Back Together; Jon Gets On One Knee To Ask Forgiveness

So it turns out that Jon and Kate Gosselin are getting back together. The couple was seen in a nearby park where Jon was seen on one knee asking for forgiveness from Kate for his past indiscretions. While this reporter was not able to get in contact with Kate, rumors from people close by her say she has had a change of heart after taking a step back and noting her own shortcomings.

Anyone who has watched the show has witnessed Kate’s aloofness and can tell how much she enjoys the spotlight. Jon it seems went the other way. While no specific details have come out about what has gone on behind the scenes, most people were able to draw their own conclusions. Video had surfaced in the past that showed Jon leaving the home of a 23 year old female friend. Kate has spent a lot of time galavanting around the country promoting her own book while the nannies and Jon took care of the kids.

Hey, if Jon’s IT job isn’t going to pay the bills, well then someone has to bring home the bacon, right? Speaking of bacon, would it get on your nerve if your wife had liposuction surgery after 8 kids so she could look good on the beach in a bikini for the paparazzi? Yah, I’m with you on that one, I try not to think about that bacon…kinda gives me the willies just thinking about it.

So if you want to see the photo of Jon on one knee asking for forgiveness and Kate opening her heart and showing some kindness, click here.


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