Hank Aaron Says Pete Rose Should Get Into Hall Of Fame…

     According to Tom Brennamen, Cincinnati Reds sports commentator, Hank Aaron had stated at a get together of Baseball Hall of Famers, that it is time for Pete Rose to get into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Brennamen also went onto explain that it’s too late for Pete to get into the Hall by a sportswriters’ vote, but that a committee of current Hall of Famers could actually vote him in. I’m not sure of the details, but I’ll take Tom’s word on it. Neveretheless, do you feel Pete should get in?

     In my opinion, Pete has paid a huge price. Yes, gambling on baseball was wrong and he took way too long to admit his guilt. But what about all these home run hitting juicers that are bound to get in, have probably hurt & damaged the integrity of the game way more than Pete, and were very well compensated for it? did you ever notice how mar McGuire, Sammy Sosa and others quietly faded into the sunset? And what is up with barry Bonds and these other guys that testified that they never used steroids? Sure Congress has bigger fish to fry now, but let’s at least try to hold them accountable for their testimonies. Does the commissioner have nothing to say on this matter–good bad or otherwise?

Charlie Hustle Gettin' It Done!

Charlie Hustle Gettin' It Done!

     To let these big time juicers skate by with little to no penalty and allow them to have made millions of dollars, not to mention the poor influence they had on young kids, and penalize Pete for life is a travesty. Baseball fans should ban together and put pressure on the commissioner to either take a firmer stance against drugs that have been abused in the game today or let Pete slide (head first) on this one. Give the guy a break. I love Pete for what he did but if you ever hear him speak, you have to feel for him because sometimes he isn’t the most eloquent or doesn’t say the smartest things. Most kids today have never heard of Rose but many of the needle pushers of the current era are still fresh in their minds. Pete is a born & raised Midwesterner, in fact I attended the same high school as him, so, yah, I am a bit biased. heck, have the players today have 5 syllables in their last name that you can’t even pronounce. And baseball takes probably the greatest hitter of all time, who played 2 world championship teams, won 2 golden glove awards, appeared in 17 all-star games, was rookie of the year, league and world series MVP… and on and on…you get the idea. To treat this guy like a stray dog and kick him to the curb is one of baseball’s greatest tragedies. What do you think? Leave your thoughts…

  • Major League records:
    • Most career hits – 4,256
    • Most career outs – 10,328
    • Most career games played – 3,562
    • Most career at bats – 14,053
    • Most career singles – 3,215
    • Most career runs by a switch hitter – 2,165
    • Most career doubles by a switch hitter – 746
    • Most career walks by a switch hitter – 1,566
    • Most career total bases by a switch hitter – 5,752
    • Most seasons of 200 or more hits – 10
    • Most consecutive seasons of 100 or more hits – 23
    • Most consecutive seasons with 600 or more at bats – 13 (1968-1980)
    • Most seasons with 600 at bats – 17
    • Most seasons with 150 or more games played – 17
    • Most seasons with 100 or more games played – 23
    • Record for playing in the most winning games – 1,972
    • Only player in major league history to play more than 500 games at five different positions – 1B (939), LF (671), 3B (634), 2B (628), RF (595)
  • National League records:
    • Most years played – 24
    • Most consecutive years played – 24
    • Most career runs – 2,165
    • Most career doubles – 746
    • Most career games with 5 or more hits – 10
    • Modern (post-1900) record for longest consecutive game hitting streak – 44
    • Modern record for most consecutive hitting streaks of 20 or more games – 7
  • NL MVP Award (1973)
  • NL Rookie of the Year Award (1963)
  • 17 All-Star selections
  • Three World Series rings (1975, 1976, 1980)
  • World Series MVP Award (1975)
  • Two Gold Glove Awards (1969 and 1970, both as an outfielder)
  • Roberto Clemente Award (1976)
  • The Sporting News Player of the Year (1968)
  • The Sporting News Sportsman of the Year (1985)
  • The Sporting News Player of the Decade (1970s)

2 Responses

  1. Juicers (your word) had rules changed while they were playing. So what they did wasn’t really that bad, be honest.

    Pete Rose broke the ONLY rule All players are asked to obey. The ONE absolutley FORBIDDEN act a player can do, POSTED in all MLB locker rooms.

    The ONE, the ONLY one thing that is forbidden, Pete violated the ONE rule. Sorry Pete, you’ll be sitting this one out. Maybe someday when you’ve ben dead 50 yrs. MAYBE NOT. Guys on the 1919 Black Sox still not in, so you? NO WAY.

    I am from Cincy & big fan of Pete, but he broke the ONE rule that was sure to get him banned.

    John Q. Citizen
    The Regular Guy
    AND a REDS Fan!

  2. In professional sports and in particular MLB there are rules, with these rules are fines if they are broken. Case in point Titans owner Bu Adams was fined some $$250,000.00 dollars for so called flipping off Bills fans while standing in his executive box. Though this amount was probably pennies on the dollar to what you or I make it was a fine directed towards him for rules that had been broken. So in the case of Pete Rose he broke a rule he should be fined for it whatever amount it is but to be banned from the sport that he dedicated his entire life to is wrong. Charlie Hustle (Pete Rose) has brought so much to the game of Major League Baseball that he deserves better than this from the sport. Life is all about second chances that both you and I have received as well as others. Pete Rose has statistics that justify him being in the Hall of Fame. His character is aside from his contributions to baseball.

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