Review Of Frustrated Georgia Mom’s “Potpie Girl” One Week Marketing Plan

     “Potpie Girl” is really a mother from georgia named Jennifer. She got her start in internet marketing really by accident. One day, when her husband came home from work and she announced they were having chicken potpie for dinner, she also subtly announced she was going to make money over the internet. There was just one catch…she had no clue as to how she would do it.

     Months as well as many post-it notes later, she had finally stumbled upon her one week marketing plan. Utilizing free services on the internet such as blogs, facebook, squidoo, etc., jennifer had finally made one sale after many hours of trial and error. The funny thing was, as happy as that first sale made her, she then saw another sale a few days later, and then another, and another, and so on…you get the idea. After months of hard work, trial & error, and hundreds of post-it notes (don’t worry you won’t have to use the post-its), jennifer has finally perfected her One Week Marketing Plan and made it available to anyone on the internet who has tried other programs and failed or who wants a simple step-by-step system proven to work by a frustrated Georgia stay at home mom.

     If you’d like more information about Jennifer and her work at home “One Week Marketing Plan,” <click here.>


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