(Video) Joe Jackson: Omer Bhatti Is Michael’s Love Child & Son

     In a recent interview, Joe Jackson recently admitted that he knew Michael had another son. Rumors started swirling after the funeral where Omer Bhatti was seen sitting next to the family. People close to the family say he looks like a Jackson, acts like one, he even dances like one–can he ever dance! It’s been reported that he was even called “little Michael.”

Bhatti has also been seen several times on the Neverland ranch. It’s alleged that Omer is the result of a tryst Michael had with a Norwegian fan Pia Bhatti. Sources say Pia will be getting DNA tests done.

Joe Jackson said that if he’s Michaels son, then he’s Michael’s son. “We will treat him like family.” Just like Prince, Blanket, and Paris–no different. See video interview below and leave your comments.

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