Michael Jackson’s Female Chef Recalls Last Days With Him

Kai Chase, a professionally trained chef hired by Michael Jackson to help him prepare for his upcoming concerts in London, recalls the last days leading upto his death and the scene the morning he was found dead as reported by the Associated Press.

Chase, a chef that comes from a family with a Hollywood background and has worked with other celebrities such as Macy Gray & Jamie Foxx, was hired by Jackson’s manager after approval from Jackson’s children. When she met the Jackson’s kids, they told her they were into healthy eating. There was an instant bond. After learning she’d been accepted and hired, Chase thought she may have been getting “punked.” Jackson told her in preparation for his upcoming London concerts “you have to take care of me.” Jackson had told Chase that he was a dancer and needed to eat healthy so he could be in shape when he would begin his concerts in July.

Chase would routinely prepare meals for Jackson and his children. Chase said that normally Jackson ate lunch and dinner with his children. However, on that fateful morning June 25th, something seemed amiss.

Normally, Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray would bring oxygen tanks down from Michael’s room around 9 or 9:30am. Ms. Chase never asked what they were for as he used them routinely. But on this morning, the doctor didn’t come down until much later. Chase thought Michael was just sleeping in. Finally around 12:05 or 12:10 pm, Dr. Murray came running down the stairs yelling “Get prince, get Prince!”, Jacksons son. Soon after paramedics began to arrive. As the paramedics and doctor worked on jackson, Chase, Jackson’s 3 children, a nanny, and housekeeper huddled outside his room in the hallway and prayed. Everything was very quiet.

At about 1:30 security guards to ms. Chase and other staff to leave the property because Jacksons was being taken to the hospital.

Only 2 days earlier, Chase had learned she would be accompanying Jackson to London after one of his children told her “Daddy wants you to come to london with us.” After having cooked granola, tuna and other natural foods for his family, Chase had suggested “Comfort Saturdays” to Jackson where they could eat barbecue chicken, ice cream and other soul food. Michael seemed to like the idea.

With her dream of going with Jackson to London no longer a reality, Chase was asked what she plans to do now. “He was an inspiration to me,” referring to Jackson, she said. She stated that Michael encouraged her to write a recipe book for some of the meals she had prepared for him. She has, and said she thinks she’ll call the book “Fit for a King.”


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