Polly Letofsky Walks 14,000 Miles Around The World To Raise Money For Breast Cancer

Polly Letofsky and her faithful companion "Bob."

Polly Letofsky and her faithful companion "Bob."

     Working part-time at a hotel, Polly Letofsky had one of those “moments” which changed her life forever. On top of a stack of papers laid a note that read “Definition of commitment: When you find a way over every hurdle in your path and nothing but success is an option.” At that moment, Polly Letofsky  dedicated herself to reaching her goal of walking 14,000 miles around the world to help raise money for breast cancer research.

When asked why she decided to support breast cancer research, she replied that many of her friends and people around her were being diagnosed with it. It was until a year and a half after her “aha” moment that she finalized plans and began her trek. Preparing for her journey, she secured sponsorships from North face and New Balance for supplies, but not any money. So after selling her belongings, including her condo, quitting her job, and breaking up with her boyfriend, she began her walk on August 1, 1999 from her home in Vail, Colorado. Twenty-two  countries, 14,124 miles,  4 continents, 29 pairs of shoes,  15 miles per day, and 5 years later, she was done!

Along the way, she made many friends and was able to keep in contact with family back home through email. Asked what’s next on her plate, she did just complete a book about the journey, but she really enjoys spending time relaxing at home–who wouldn’t after all that walking? Polly helped raise over $250,000 for breast cancer research while on her walk around the world. Some people ask if she has found herself on this journey. Polly Letofsky replies that this wasn’t about finding herself. She wanted to do this since she was 12 and has always known who she was.


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