After 34 Years, Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme To Be Released From Prison

After 34 years in prison, Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme is to be released from prison according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons on August 16th. Lynnette, the former Charles Manson follower, served over 30 years in jail for point a gun at President Gerald Ford in Sacramento in 1975.

Although she was sentenced to life, inmates are often left out after 30 years and receive time off their sentences for good behavior. Fromme knew at the time she attempted to assault President Ford that he would be in town near her and she wanted to talk to him. She figured he wouldn’t speak to her so she took a gun to try to persuade him. However, the gun was found on her with no bullet in it and she decided against using it at the time. 

While Fromme was not directly involved in the Manson murders, she was a vigilant follower of Manson since 1967 and remains loyal to him today. Fromme brags of Manson’s deep soul and said he has given her everything.

Fromme will be 60 years old when she is release from prison on August 16th.


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