George Sodini Is Alleged Shooter In LA Fitness Health Club Gym Murders

George Sodini finally got the attention he wanted when he entered a Pennsylvania LA Fitness  health club gym Tuesdsay night and shot three women before turning the gun on himself. 

Although people who knew him described him as a typical class nerd, his online diary seems to indicate he may have been looking for more attention. Details of his diary seem to show that he was stalking the gym for over a year as he planned the attack on the beautiful women that he longed to be close to. His history seems to indicate the he was spurned by women and somewhat of a loner, even possibly a psychopath. These are common characteristics–loneliness, depression, history of being neglected–of a mass killer. Excerpts from his online diary can be seem <here>.

The alleged victims are Jody Billingsley, Elizabeth Gannon and Heidi Overmier. Pray for their families.


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