XBox Live Down? Russian Blogger Could Be Blamed For Not Being Able To Connect To Twitter, Google, Facebook, Youtube And Xbox Live

     Having trouble connecting to XBox Live today? Twitter down? Facebook or Youtube slow? It’s possible all the problems may be attributed to one Georgia, Russian blogger that someone wanted to silence.

     Around 9am this morning, Twitter traffic was down nearly 50% and was still down around that same level around 1pm. According to Max Kelly, chief security officer at Facebook, evidently a user named “Cyxymu” was being targeted. It seems Cyxymu, A Russian blogger, had accounts with different services such as Youtube, Google, Twitter and Facebook. Evidently he said the wrong things, because some organization went to great lengths to try to shut him up. 

     What’s scary is that we don’t know if it is some criminal organization or Russian national group that tried to silence him. Unfortunately, it affected millions of users around the world. The other frightening part is that all the downtime coincides with the planned launch of an updated version of  the Koobface virus, which tricks Facebook and Twitter users into clicking on links which download viruses. Ironically, it seems the outage would affect the organizations ability to distribute the virus and thus make money. Hopefully, whoever will be found will be tracked down. However, if they are that smart to bring these systems to their knees, then certainly they aren’t dumb enough to get caught.


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