Bill Maher: Who Looks Stupid Now?

     Ok, so evidently Bill Maher called this country stupid–or said it was full of stupid people–whichever it is doesn’t really matter. I’ve been wanting to blog and get on this guy’s case for awhile. He’s like the male liberal, ugly  caveman version of Ann Coulter–he says things just to get people riled up and draw attention to himself and his lame books.  Except he’s a lot uglier…and stupider…and not funny. So yah, this guy’s face looks like a punching bag and I’m not gonna hold back any shots. 

     Evidently he had some political funny show on TV a few years back. I say evidently, because I think once or twice I accidentally clicked by it. Then again, I can’t be sure because it wasn’t on the air that long. Go figure.  According to his own website, he has set the boundaries for where funny, political talk can go. Bill Maher funny–now thats an oxymoron. He’s a dope. He looks like one, sounds like one… I’m not even going to talk about politics, you don’t need to look any further than the poor excuse of a man himself. 

   His website also states that he’s the last of his guys friends to have gotten married–you don’t say Bill. Hmm, imagine that. Now why in the world would that be? The guy likes to yank peoples chain when it comes to politics because he isn’t funny. So, he talks whacked out politics and jumps on the anti-God and Jesus wagon just to agitate people and draw attention to himself. When he tries to be funny, people run away. So what if he supposedly sells out in Las Vegas? His brand of humor? Make fun of of dead people like famous animal lover Steve Irwin from Australia. Think I’m kidding? See picture below. Bill isn’t worthy to be the crap, algae- goo that gets stuck in the teeth of one of the crocodiles Steve wrestled. Bill really has pushed the boundaries–the boundaries of pathetic, ugly, Cro-magnum, caveman-looking, not funny wannabe comedian, white trash loser.


Bill's idea of funny--mocking Steve Irwin's death

Bill's idea of funny--mocking Steve Irwin's death


13 Responses

  1. Bill was right about how stupid Americans are. Think about this: Only 45% of people in Arkansas know that President Obama was born in the United States. Think about that.

    • I guess my real point was to question what kind of person makes fun of someone’s tragic death in order to get attention for themselves?

  2. Ever notice how physically ugly Liberals are?Bill Mahr,Nancy Pelosi,Barney Frank,Harry Reid,Henry Waxman etc, etc.I think thats why they’re so mad all the time.

    • you ever noticed how many conservatives look like pedophiles? bill o’reilly, sean hannity, any evangelical minister etc.

      • Your point is?

  3. obama was born in hawaii, and ‘raised’ in countries like indonesia, where his brother still lives…..

    so actually, he is NOT really an american. states how stupid americans are that state other americans are stupid…..think about THAT.

    and yeah, the above mentioned guy is a total douchebag.
    We all know how and where attention ‘wh*res’ will end….

  4. He’s not mocking Irwins death he’s mocking the fact that Irwin spent his time around the worlds most dangerous animals and as maher said when you fuck with animals somethings bound to happen (no not a quote of what he wrote but a paraphrase)

    • Ohhhhhh, ok, I understand now.

  5. Dick Nunkey, you probably can’t help being angry like your fellow liberals,waking up and looking in the mirror to see a frikin horseheaded goon would be maddening.Your gay too right?

  6. son unos tontos como pudieron hacer esa foto tan ridicula burlandode de Steve Irwin el si era un hombre honorable que tontos de veras. que Dios los perdone

    • Si Si.


  7. This picture is stupid rather it’s meant to be funny or not. I personally don’t think it’s funny and think it should be taken down…making fun of sumone’s death is not sumthing to be making fun of. Especially someone like steve irwin.
    This is just plain rude and nasty

  8. Yes, Bill Maher is not very smart, nor is he funny. He is just rude and inconsiderate…

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