Darren Woodson From ESPN Reports Michael Vick Could Go To Green Bay Packers–No Way.

     On ESPN today, Darren Woodson reported that Michael Vick, coming off a 2 year prison stint for federal dogfighting charges, could possibly end up playing at Green Bay. Woodson’s first choice for Vick was the Carolina Panthers since they see the Atlanta Falcons twice a year. Woodson also went onto say Vick could go to the Baltimaore Ravens. Personally, I believe Carolina or Baltimore are much more likely than Green Bay.

     Why not Green Bay? Have you ever been there? I haven’t but I hear it’s really cold…and a small town. Green Bay just doesn’t strike me as a town that would cozy up to a former federal inmate like Vick. Call me crazy, but Green Bay strikes me as a hard-working, middle class, old-fashioned, blue-collar type of town–the type of town that could hold his history against him. I really don’t see Vick liking the cold weather there either. Comong from Atlata, I’m thinking Vick prefers the warmer climate states. Green Bay isn’t warm.

     So, if Green Bay wanted to commit franchise suicide, then sure, they might give Vick a chance. But we’re talking about a Vince Lombardi town taking in a wannabe-big-time-thug- not-quite-there- dog-fighting-dysfunctional-former-felon that’s hard for kids to look up to. Not going to happen. Woodson is way off here. Come on Woodson, use your head dude. Don’t just always read what the cue card says.


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  1. Green Bay Packers fans care about one thing: winning football games. If Michael Vick helps the Packers win a championship, they’ll forgive his past instantly. I personally am a Packer fan, and would be THRILLED to have Vick on the team. I think the amount of fear an offense with Vick, Aaron Rodgers, Greg Jennings, Donald Driver and Ryan Grant would strike in opposing defenses is well worth the little PR cleanup that the Packers staff would have to do.

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