Uk Kentucky Wildcat Fans Chant To UL Louisville Coach Rick Pitino: Karrreennnn Syyyypphheeerrrr

     Pitino should step down. Just read the above title: Kentucky Wildcat Fans to Louisville coach Rick Pitino- Karrreeennn Syyyypherrr. Can you hear them now? Fortunately for Pitino, they will host UK at their place this year. But what about the other teams? Notre Dame, Pitt, Rutgers, Syracuse. Do you think their fans will be sympathetic?

   “Ovverr-Ratteedd” will be a chant Pitino wishes he was hearing instead of some of the chants students will be able to dream up. Some of the chants are nasty enough, but now students will be able to take things to a whole new level. Forget about playing basketball. What should the commentators say when these chants come up? More embarrassment for the school. President James Ramsey said that it was time to put this behind them–but that is just wishful thinking. Students at the schools Louisville plays are not going to let this die. What odes Ramsey think is going to happen? The co-eds will politely ignore the issues of the past and sweep them under the rug? Yah right. Ramsey and athletic director Tom Jurich need to come out of those Kentucky caves they must be hiding in. I’ve already seen several articles from Kentucky newspapers calling for Pitino to resign. Why should he stay? What does he have to prove? Shouldn’t he be spending more time with his family at this point?

     And the media. After a big win at Pitt, where the fans will shout their infamous “Karrreennn Syyypherr” chant, should the reporter that interviews him just ignore that fact? Is Pitino going to respond that he just wants to move forward? I used to like Pitino. I don’t hate him. He will come out ok sooner or later anyway. But this guy was pretty much built up to deity status. When that happens, people are wringing their hands waiting for you to stumble or fail. Pitino has definitely stumbled. Why would he even consider subjecting his wife and family to further harassment and embarrassment? Now he’s just starting to look like a pompous idiot. Who does he think he is? Pitino, my goodness, for the sake of your family, step down.


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  1. To Mavericguy. Ummm. UK played at UofL this past yr soooo.. UofL goes to Rupp this coming year baby!! And we ( The FANS!! ) are going to run his ass out of the Arena!! There is no other game this year that Pitino dreads more than GOING to Rupp and hear the once faithful boo his ass back to ( PUKE!!) Louisville… GO CATS!!

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