Desota Chokes Under National Spotlight On ESPN To Cedar Hill; Refs Look Like Idiots

After leading 28-7 in the first half with what looked like an easy victory, Desota faded in the closing minutes to lose to Cedar Hill by a final score of 44-41. Although ranked number 12 in the country and playing unranked Cedar Hill, Desota was unable to hold onto their lead in the closing minutes to eventually succumb to defeat. Had they just been beaten by another good team would be one thing, but it seems critical coaching errors and poor judgment sealed the loss for them.

After being up 28-7 in the first half, Cedar Hill seemed to gain steam after a lackluster start. In the closing minutes of the 4th quarter and up 37-35, Cedar Hill was able to march the ball down the field for a score and go up 44-35–seemingly ending the game. However, Desota didn’t quit and scored quickly to close the gap to 44-41.  However, instead of kicking the extra point, Desota tried for 2 and were shut down.  It’s unclear wheteher it was a coaching call or a bad snap that caused them not to kick it. Now, a field goal would only tie it for them. One would assume an onside attempt, but a short kick and good run back gave Cedar Hill the ball on their own 40 yard line on the ensuing kick. Desota was able to hold them. However, on the punt, the returner attempted to field the ball on the goal line. Although he was tackled in the endzone, the refs placed the ball on the one yard line, baffling both commentators and spectators. Perhaps they felt sorry for Desota and wanted to give them another chance. Maybe the refs felt bad that the Cedar Hill guy running the clock kept having a quick trigger finger. Regardless, no one in the stadium had any idea what game the refs were officiating. Can you say idiot?

In the last minute, Desota was able to garner a couple first downs. But, their lack of momentum and poor decisions and sloppy execution were to much to overcome at that point. On the last play, with 4 seconds remaining, Cedar Hill was able to intercept the ball as time expired.

All in all it was an exciting high school game to watch–much like the NBA and a high school girl on prom night–all offense and no defense. As for the refs, maybe they have different football rules in Texas. Either way, Kirk Herbstreit needs to hire a different crew next year. Kudos to all the players. The Desota staff needs to look in the mirror to analyze this loss and the refs just need to go home, have a cold one, and forget this game was even ever played.


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