Russell Brunson Of Dotcomsecrets Likes Money Better Than Gold

So recently Russell Brunson got back from a trip to Fiji with his wife and 2 sons. Evidently Tony Robbins–self-professed guru and life changer– invited them so Russell could speak to Tony’s dwindling legion of followers. While there, Tony hooked Russell and his family up in his posh Fiji home. I’ve never been to Fiji. Other than speaking to Tony’s dedicated followers, it seems Russell was also creating a new dvd to put out. I like Russell. Tony, well, let’s just say, he’s so 80’s. How much more rah rah rah, awaken the giant within can Tony put out? I guess Russell thinks Tony is a step in the direction he wants to go. The only problem with that is I thought Russell wanted to wrestle Greco-Roman in the next olympics. Call me loony, but Tony doesn’t strike me as the wrestling type.

Russell is also on the look-out for wrestling olympic wannabees as he has posted in wrestling forums looking for such and has a full website advertising the fact at Besides bringing in 2 world class wrestling coaches, Russell is looking for others to train with while they work at his facility. There’s just one small problem, er, well, maybe 4 or 5 actually: Harry Lester, Jess Hargrave, Jake Fisher, Cheney Haight and Andrew Bisek. These are the current top 5 werstlers at 165 lbs.–Russell’s weight class.

While these guys probably don’t have Russell’s business acumen or his millions, they may have one other thing better going for them in their favor: hunger. With 2 little boys, a wife, a multi-million dollar business and employees, how much is Russell thinking about wrestling at night when he goes to bed? Maybe this is all just an angle to increase sales–but then why bring in the wrestling coaches? If Russell is so serious about this endeavor, why is he jet-setting to Fiji?

Hey, I’m just as big a fan of Russell as the next guy, and I’ve never even met him. Russell hasn’t really set himself apart in wrestling like these other guys–and he’s probably pretty fat and happy where he’s at. It’s just like Rocky before his first fight with Clubber Lang–Russell has everything to lose and these other guys have everything to gain. Russell I’m pulling for you bud, but you need to decide what it is you really want…the money or the gold? I don’t think you can have both.


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