(Video) Idiotic Tough Guy Oregon Duck Legarrette Blount Gets Suspended For Rest Of Season

Kudos to the Oregon staff and new head coach Chip Kelly for suspending Legarrette Blount, the 6’2, 240 pound running back of the Oregon Ducks, for knocking out Byron Hout of Boise State when the teams met to shake hands after the game. Blount will sit out the rest of the season although he will stay remain on scholarship.

Hout may have said something to provoke Blount–but did he deserved to get knocked out? Probably not. Blount, who had said earlier, that BSU deserved an a$$ whooping, had been suspended from the team before by the previous coach. Perhaps Blount was frustrated that he only got a negative 5 yards on 8 rushing attempts. That’s an average of almost minus 1/2 yard per carry. Uhm, isn’t that pretty bad? Couldn’t Oregon have done better just quarterback sneaking on those 8 attempts? Blount did get over 1000 yards rushing last year, so maybe Boise is just that good. Were his blockers sleeping all night?

Whatever the case, this story has gotten way too much attention. I personally think the NCAA should be getting on the athletic directors and coaches at both schools. Maybe Blount should have been disciplined when he ran his mouth earlier about whooping BSU’s a$$. What kind of sportsmanship is that? Both the NCAA and Oregon have chided the actions of Blount. But where were they when those derogatory comments came out? Sure, Blount has freedom of speech. But when you represent a school, a multi-million dollar progam, and a state really, shouldn’t you watch what you say? I guess the “chipster,” new coah Chip Kelly that is, didn’t want to rock the boat too early on in his tenure by attempting to censure one of his players. Looking back, that was a poor decision on his part and a sign of weak leadership. Perhaps Kelly was a bit overconfident in his team however disillusioned he may have been. Heck, both of the teams were jawing at each other at midfield before the game. Can anyone say Miami? Both coaches and schools need to better organize and focus all their little football monkeys.

Hopefully when all is said and done, this is how it all plays out: Hout recovers from the knockout and learns to be a better sport and keep his mouth shut. BSU goes undefeated and somehow manages to play for the national championship. Oregon goes downhill from here to finish like 2-10–so Blount doesn’t feel as bad for missing the season. Hout later brings civil charges against Blount when he finds out Blount gets drafted to the NFL anyway and wins a multi-million dollar lawsuit. The NFL will draft Blount even though he’s a thug because that’ show they roll. Blount gets a big signing bonus but never quite meets expectations. After a couple years, Blount will drift out of the league before needing to start his own lawn business back in Mississippi just to pay the bills. Am I being too harsh? Please…leave me your comments.


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