Facebook Waits Patiently For Apple To Approve IPhone App

Facebook Still Waiting on Apple to Approve Facebook for iPhone 3.0: “

It’s been 10 days since Facebook submitted the new Facebook for iPhone 3.0 application to Apple for review, but contrary to what one might expect, Apple doesn’t appear to be in any hurry to fast-track one of the most widely used apps on the iPhone/iPod Touch platform.

Frustrated with what he calls the “guilty until proven innocent” model of iPhone application approval, Facebook for iPhone developer Joe Hewitt wrote a blog post last night explaining why Apple should trust developers more.

“There are plenty of successful platforms out there which free developers to publish anything, but punish them if they do something harmful,” Hewitt writes. “This allows developers to move fast, fix bugs immediately, get feedback from users at a very low cost.”

The Facebook Platform has always operated this way, and it’s led to an incredibly rapid pace of innovation over the last couple of years. While some Facebook application developers have griped as Facebook has made changes to keep application behavior in check overall, developers have always been able to freely create and update apps on Facebook without going through any pre-screening process. However, it doesn’t appear that Apple will be changing its ways any time soon.

Last week, we gave a detailed tour of the updated app, which brings Facebook Pages, video uploading, events, photo management, and more. Overall, the upgrades should lead to even more engagement while users are on the go. Today, Facebook for iPhone has nearly 12.5 million active users.


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