Glenn Beck Builds Nice Little Following On Facebook

Glenn Beck Building A Large Following Of Facebook Fans, Critics: “

glennbeckGlenn Beck is one of the more polarizing personalities in radio and TV, and the right-wing talk show host has brought his name to Facebook and built a strong following. Beck’s Facebook Page is one of the most popular for any political commentator, and has largely become a forum for his more than 290,000 fans to voice their opinions. It continues to gain popularity despite very few posts from Beck.

Posts from Glenn Beck himself are mostly about his appearances, Fox News programming and book and concert tour dates. There isn’t a consistent flow to the posts, which seem to come in spurts. There were eight posts for the month of June, but only one post so far for all of July and August. This hasn’t stopped Beck’s fans from adding their own comments, and he continues to add more fans at a steady clip.


Source: PageData by Inside Facebook

The popularity of Beck’s Page shows just how eager Facebook users are to use the site as venue for political expression. Last week, we saw Sarah Palin’s growing popularity on Facebook, and just yesterday, the same with San Francisco Mayor and California gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom. Of course, Barack Obama remains the most popular political figure on Facebook, with over 6.6 million fans – second only to Michael Jackson’s 10.1 million.

Beck is the sort of figure that draws comments from both sides of the political fence, as is evident by the popularity of his radio and television programs. Facebook gives everyone a way to comment on Beck’s views, as there are only so many calls the on-air personality can field during one of his shows.


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