Former NBA Player David Vaughn Talks About Living On Streets

<a href=””>From NBA Player To Living in a Car</a>: “<div> <div>In Sports</div> <div><a href=”″><img width=”160″ height=”120″ src=”; alt=”Ex-NBA Player on His Return From Homelesness”></a></div> <p>ALLSPORT USA/Allsport</p> <div> <h2><a href=”″>From NBA Player<br>To Living in a Car</a></h2> <p>After 7 Years as a Pro, David Vaughn<br>Lost Everything: <a href=”″>How Wife Saved Him</a></p><p><b>828-Sq.-Ft. Home Listed for $299K</b><br><a href=”″>3 Famous Songs Were Written There</a></p><p><b>Calmer Waters</b><br><a href=”″>Cruise Ends Family’s Lifetime Ban</a><br><a href=”″>See World’s 10 Coolest Hotel Pools</a></p></div> <div>Next</div> </div>”


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