Apple Announces iTunes 9

Apple Announces iTunes 9: “

UPDATE: iTunes 9 has been released and is now available for download on the iTunes download page.

Today is Apple’s Rock and Roll keynote, where the company is expected to announce a range of new products and software upgrades. One of new products has leaked a little early though: iTunes 9.

While iTunes 9 is not yet downloadable, we were able to gaze over Apple’s promotional feature list. We’re still processing all of the new features, but here are the basic additions to the new version of Apple’s music software:

– Easier iTunes Store browsing and navigation (which was a sorely needed upgrade)

– Previews of any song, TV show, album, or movie from the Apple Store

– iTunes LP, which allows you to download a digital version of specific albums with animations, videos, and other visual items.

– iTunes Extras: It essentially turns movie downloads into true DVDs, with the video commentary, cast interviews, and photo galleries in-tacty

– Genius Mixes: It turns your playlists into something akin to a radio station. It knows what songs just go together.

– More detailed and improved syncing

– App management: Yes, you can finally manage your iPhone apps in a clean way. This is something we’ve been dying for.

As for the rumored integration with Facebook, Twitter, and, we haven’t heard or seen anything about it, though that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Stay tuned for more.

Update: The sharing on social media websites feature is confirmed.


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