How Much Traffic Does Blog Catalog Get you?

BlogCatalog, Traffic, Readers And You: “

A common recurring theme in threads on the BlogCatalog Discussion Boards is traffic. Specifically traffic generated from BlogCatalog to member’s blogs. The question, “Can/Do you get traffic from BlogCatalog has been asked and answered in many different ways, many different times.

The problem here is that, in most cases, people are asking the wrong question, or at least asking the question in the wrong way, and the answers that follow continue down the same path to the wrong place. The real question that we sould be asking is “Can/Do you get readers from blog catalog.

When I first came to the BlogCatalog discussion forums, at the invitation of Mark Stoneman, it was to a thread where several members were hotly debating whether it was good for the community to allow back scratching threads to be posted in the main discussion boards. You know, the “digg me and I’ll digg you”, “add me and I’ll add you”, “favorite me and I’ll favorite you” type threads that really don’t serve any one well, and actually hurt those participating in them the most.

I dove right in arguing for the banning of these types of threads from the boards, and I’ve been here ever since. During that time, TonyB contacted me through the shout box and said something that clued me in that BlogCatalog was a place I wanted to be. Tony said, “We don’t want to send traffic to the blogs, we want to send readers”. Not traffic, readers. That’s such a simple thing to say, but it’s also a very powerful thing.

Anyone can send traffic to your blog, for all the good that will do you. But readers, now there is something worth having sent to your blog. So don’t ask yourself how much traffic BlogCatalog has sent to your blog. Look instead to the comments and the statistics for the readers that have found your blog through BlogCatalog. A single reader is worth more than thousands upon thousands of visitors to a blog.


2 Responses

  1. Wow this is great, you know i think i have been looking for the wrong people myself. For some reason, i thought traffic was the same thing as readers…but these are two separate issues…if all i want is traffic then i can just pay for ppc but if i want readers then i need to put my blog in front to people who are intrested in what i have to say…this is where blog catalog comes in….Thank you for this information.

    I learn something new everytime i read someone’s blog…

  2. Ok, so do readers come off BlogCatalog easily or do you have to work you way up the site for your blog to get recognized?

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