Usain Bolt’s Twitter Trying To Keep Up

Usain Bolt’s Facebook Page is Trying to Keep Up: “

usain-boltUsain Bolt’s Facebook Page is running close behind the record-breaking Jamaican track star, at least in terms of his number of fans.

That’s according to the latest PageData statistics. When Bolt began breaking a string of sprinting world records at the 2009 Berlin World Championships on August 16, his Page had 1.06 million fans. Today, just a few weeks later, it has 1.44 million, growth of nearly 400,000 fans in just a few weeks.

Usain Bolt Facebook Page Metrics PageData

However, it doesn’t appear Bolt’s social media team is keeping the page updated, as the last post was on July 22nd. I’m sure Bolt will continue adding fans for a long time to come, as even people who aren’t into track (like myself) see videos like the one embedded below. He is an amazing runner. However, in terms of building his long-term legacy, if not the brand value of his sponsorships, Bolt would probably benefit from a more engaging Page.


Some other notes on the stats: While Facebook sometimes folds unofficial pages in with official pages, we’ve noticed that happening more with major brands, like fast-food companies. Given the page’s lack of activity, I would be surprised to hear that Bolt’s people have been asking Facebook to absorb the many unofficial Bolt pages on the site.

And Bolt — or at least his social media team — has been busy on his 15,787-strong Twitter account. While it goes days without updates, once every week or two Bolt or somebody sticks in a few here are there. This isn’t a verified Twitter account, though, so it could just be an imposter.

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