Farmville Still Fastest Growing App On Facebook

The 20 Fastest Growing Facebook Apps: Virtual Farms Still Gaining Fast: “

This past week was not surprising for those of us tracking Facebook application growth. Social games continued to account for almost all of the top 20 fastest-growing apps on the platform, according to our AppData analytics service — especially the virtual farming genre of social games.

Zynga, as it has over much of the summer, maintained the number one spot with FarmVille. The app grew by 3.83 million people over the last week to reach 41.5 million monthly active users. But FarmVille is not the only farm game on the top 20 list. Country Story, made by Playfish, came in at number eight. It grew 640,000 users over the past week to reach 5.44 million monthly actives. A new entrant, Greenpatch Inc’s (Lil) Farm Life, grew 445,000 to reach 2.65 million. So although FarmVille is growing much faster than its rivals on the Facebook Platform, it does not have a complete virtual farming monopoly.

Only a few non-games made the list. At number four was Causes, an app to help organizations gain Facebook supporters. It grew 1.30 million people to 28.9 million monthly actives. And once again, Facebook’s own mobile apps continue to grow. Facebook’s iPhone app grew 400,000 to 13.6 million, similar to growth it saw last week, making number 17 on the list. Facebook’s more general mobile app, Mobile, barely missed this list by coming in at number 21. It grew 262,000 to reach 10.7 million.

Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, % Developer
1. FarmVille 41,484,832 +3,825,667 +10.2 Zynga
2. Birthday Cards 11,779,352 +3,318,808 +39.2 RockYou!
3. Mafia Wars 22,419,441 +1,703,730 +8.2 Zynga
4. Causes 28,929,195 +1,299,468 +4.7 Causes
5. YoVille 15,649,707 +870,439 +5.9 Zynga
6. Restaurant City 13,214,400 +859,905 +7.0 Playfish
7. Animal Paradise 1,619,071 +732,149 +82.6 Rekoo
8. Country Story 5,447,634 +624,243 +12.9 Playfish
9. Tattoodle 4,570,791 +579,586 +14.5 Make The Web Better
10. My Fishbowl 1,961,422 +560,558 +40.0 TwoFishes Interactive
11. Pet Society 17,052,474 +546,214 +3.3 Playfish
12. What’s your Actual Age? 821,193 +476,938 +138.5 q
13. Horoscopes 2,491,015 +467,037 +23.1 RockYou!
14. Music 9,761,196 +449,626 +4.8 iLike, inc
15. (Lil) Farm Life 2,647,109 +445,665 +20.2 Greenpatch Inc
16. Texas HoldEm Poker 16,673,582 +412,394 +2.5 Zynga
17. Facebook for iPhone 13,662,024 +400,518 +3.0
18. Brain Buddies 4,635,662 +348,529 +8.1 wooga – world of gaming
19. Mobsters 2: Vendetta 2,081,968 +329,533 +18.8 Playdom
20. Pandora’s Box 2,275,932 +271,666 +13.6 3happybytes


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  1. I think what makes farmville addictive is the fun of having your own virtual farm. Nowadays people usually just own an apartment.

    Having a virtual farm like farmville lets us enjoy the ‘cute’ side of having trees, crops, goats, sheep, and cows without having to deal with the ugly part of them the animals running over your crops, pooping around, or actually chasing YOU all over the field :).

    Also see our website at for news, information, tips & tricks and videos on on Farmville.

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