Kanye Apologizes To Taylor Swift On Jay Leno

Kanye West On Jay Leno: I’m Ashamed [VIDEO]: “

kanye on jay lenoPresident Obama thinks he’s a jackass. Hundreds of thousands of tweets have expressed similar sentiments. And this evening, Kanye West was one of the first guests on the premiere episode of Jay Leno’s new primetime show, where the musician said that he’s “ashamed” of crashing Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at Sunday night’s Video Music Awards.

Kanye had already been scheduled to perform of the show, but the interview was only added to the schedule after last night’s antics became the buzz of the media and the Web. After watching it, it seems fairly clear that Sunday’s antics were not staged, as Leno nearly brings Kanye to tears in asking about what his recently deceased mother would think of his actions.

Here’s the interview in full, via NBC:

Do you think this is the end of buzz about the VMAs, or will Obama’s “jackass” comment and the Leno interview continue to make this the week’s big story?

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