Pirate New Language On Facebook

Prepare Yerselves for Pirate Day on Facebook This Saturday: “

It’s that time of year again. No, I don’t mean the onset of autumn, nor Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday coming up next week. It’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day this Saturday, September 19 — an odd meme from the 1990’s that has found millions of new fans this decade through the internet. If you want to read Facebook in Pirate English, here’s how.

Facebook pirate day-1

Facebook has translated its site into Pirate English. Last year, you were able to access the dialect within the normal language chooser available in your account settings. But Pirate English doesn’t appear to be on the list at this point (although maybe Facebook will make it available on Saturday?). For now, if you want to read Pirate, follow this link to Facebook’s ajax language-picker page.

“English (Pirate)” is visible as one of the English dialect options, along with US, UK and “Upside Down” English. Just pick the pirate option and you’ll see Facebook’s masterful site translation go into effect.

Facebook pirate day1


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