Brian Hamrick On WLWT News 5 Cincinnati-Is He Part Elf Or Part Smurf?

Ok, so I haven’t seen those Keebler cookie commercials on TV for awhile–did all the elves escape? I think one made its way to Cincinnati by the name of Brian Hamrick. This guy is on news 5 WLWT and does he sound like an elf or what? Is it just me?

If he wants to be an anchor someday, he needs to tone down the elfness. I can hear his smurfy tone ringing in my head…”Brian Hamrick, news 5, reporting…”

Maybe Keebler will start running those old elfen cookie commercials again so Brian can get his old job back. I don’t have anything against the guy, but geez, speak in a normal voice, and lose the elfy smurf tone. It’s not even like high-pitched–elfy and smurfy is the ONLY way to describe it. Am I wrong???

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