Facebook To Roll Out Hot New Ad Manager

Facebook Starting to Roll Out More Efficient Ads Manager: “

A few weeks ago, Facebook told us it would start testing a new ads manager and bulk uploader soon. Now, some advertisers are starting to see the new version of the ads manager, which providers much easier campaign management, in-line editing, search, and easier navigation.

As you can see by clicking on the image below, the new interface allows for much more efficient campaign management than the current ads manager. This will be welcome news for advertisers who either manage multiple in-house or client campaigns. Choosing a campaign at left will load all active ads on the right. However, whenever ads are edited, they’ll still need to be reapproved by the Facebook Ads team.

Here’s how the new ads manager looks:


How were advertisers chosen to participate in the test rollouts so far? “A small group of advertisers from our active advertiser base was randomly chosen to participate,” according to Facebook. “We will roll the new Ads Manager out to all advertisers over time.” The FAQ for Facebook’s new ad manager can be found here.

Facebook says it will also soon start testing a new tool for advertisers to bulk upload many ads at once, instead of manually creating them in the standard campaign manager or through third-party scripts. Agencies, app developers, and direct response advertisers who often want to target and test hundreds or thousands of specific creatives will soon be able to do so much more easily.

(Thanks to Sam Goldfarb for sending in the above screenshot.)


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