You Have To Question Credibility Of Dana White & UFC Ultimate Fighter After James McSweeney Vs. Wes Shivers Judges Debacle

UFC Ultimate Fighter James McSweeney Vs. Wes Shivers: Is Dana White On LSD, Are The Judges On Crack, Or Both?: ”

After UFC Ultimate Fighter Wes Shivers lost in a decision to James McSweeney on Spike Tv, I’m beginning to wonder if MMA is going lose credibilty in some of its decisions. If Dana White doesn’t come out and say something about this decision, I am going to start losing respect for him. I know, big loss for Dana. I know what his response would be: don’t let it go to the judges scorecards. Fine. But White needs to seriously question what fight those judges were watching. I imagine Dana will do some behind the scenes shuffling either by speaking to the judges or getting some new ones. If he does nothing after that travesty, then he seriously needs to consider retiring or resigning.

I mean, if me and 20 other Twitterers can sit home on our couch and plainly see that Shivers got robbed, and White does nothing, then…what the heck?

Ok, I’ll give McSweeney credit. I even thought he was going to do much better than he did before the fight. But McSweeney was literally running from Shivers during the fight. Talk about octagon control–were the refs sleeping?

On the feet, Shivers caught McSweeney a couple times, but it was tough for him because Sweeney was so fast running away. Shivers almost pulled off a Kimora on the ground in the first round before letting him up.

Shivers also had McSweeney on the ground for most of the 2nd round before getting reversed. In the last minute, McSweeney did catch Shivers with a punch and a knee that buckled him. But after going down, Shivers was able to reverse to back on top before the end of the fight.

So McSweeney wins after a few leg kicks and for catching Shivers in the last 30 seconds? Shivers couldn’t have been that hurt because he finished the fight on top. He even had McSweeney in full mount at one point.

I’m sorry Dana White. If you don’t come out and say something, I lose mad credibility for you here. At least say the judges stayed out too late the night before. Maybe they will say something at the beginning of the next show on the fight recap. I’ve seen some questionable decisions, but there is no way Shivers loses that. A draw maybe–but even that’s a stretch. And 2 judges had Shivers losing 20-18! I know Shivers was gassed, but McSweeney RAN from him–I’d be gassed chasing him too.

Dana, dude, do something. If a bunch of amateurs think the fix is in, you have to respond. By doing nothing, you are admitting the judges totally screwed up and you are not able to do anything about it. That would not only bring White’s credibility into question, but the UFC as well as all of MMA. What do you think?


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