Facebook Has Highest User Penetration In Cold Places

Facebook Used by the Most People within Iceland, Norway, Canada, Other Cold Places: “

Monthly and percentage facebookAmong the 12 countries in the world with the highest penetration of Facebook users, a surprising number are in cold parts of the world. Iceland is in first place, with 49.5 percent of its 300,000-some population on the site in August, or nearly 159,000 people, according to Facebook’s advertiser data.

It is followed by Norway, Canada and Denmark, and the slightly-warmer United Kingdom in sixth place — the UK’s penetration is notable because it has a population of 61 million people, far more than any of the other countries on the list.

Starting with Hong Kong in number four, though, the correlation with cold weather breaks down. The cold doesn’t seem to necessarily drive people indoors and on to Facebook. So… islands? Proximity to oceans? Large governments? Other ideas?


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