Workthink Acquires Ruby On Rails FiveRuns

Ruby-On-Rails Startup FiveRuns Acquired By WorkThink: “

Ruby-on-Rails startup FiveRuns has been acquired by WorkThink, according to FiveRuns’ site. FiveRuns provides a variety of monitoring products for Ruby on Rails and related open source and commercial systems. Built on Rails and delivered as a hosted service, FiveRuns’ products manage the complete Rails application lifecycle — from installation to production.

Products include Install, a free Ruby on Rails stack powered by BitRock; Manage, which was an application that monitors your Rails applications in production (Manage was discontinued this summer); TuneUp (a debugging tool which we wrote about here); and Dash, which was a metrics, storage, reporting, and communication hub for applications connected to the web. According to FiveRuns, Dash’s services will be discontinued by the middle of October. It’s unclear if the other products will survive the transition.

FiveRuns has raised $9 million total from Austin Ventures and is in the same genre of startups such as New Relic, Heroku, and Engine Yard. It appears that Workthink hasn’t launched yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

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