IOC In Copenhagen Denmark Shoots Down Michelle, President Barack Obama & Chicago

Last night, President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle flew to Copenhagen Denmark to make a pitch to the International Olympic Committee to have the 2016 olympics in Chicago.

The International Olympic Committee shot him and Chicago down. In fact, Chicago didn’t even make it to the final round of voting. The U.S.(Chicago) and Tokyo were eliminated while Rio De Janeiro and Madrid made it to the finals.

Some critics say the rebuff is a vote of no confidence by the international community in Barack. Others say the U.S. simply didn’t have enough votes on the IOC compared to Europe. Also, a supporter of Madrid, who appointed 96 members of the committee, made a plea to the IOC to give Spain one more chance.

The winner of the 2016 olympics games was won by Rio De Janeiro.

So what do you think of the choice?


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