Openx Receives Another $10 Million To Try To Hold Off Google in The Ad Server Business

This past May, Openx received another $10 million in financing to help it remain independent–from Google among others. The CEO believes this latest round of funding should take it through to profitability. Openx plans to charge a commission of 15% for ads placed through their open market. For ads less than 7 cents cpm, they will charge 2 cents.

I for one am so glad to see this. I’ve tinkered a little bit at their site but haven’t managed to buy or sell any ads yet. But, I’m not a big techie. For a computer person, it seems like it would be pretty easy to get ads up and running.

So what is Openx? Think of it as being like Google adwords, but without all the smoke in mirrors. When I think of Google’s adwords, it reminds me of the Wizard of Oz–you know, when the wizard is behind the curtain–pulling all the levers and you have no idea what he is doing inside there–and you aren’t allowed in to see either.

How much does Google make on each ad? Where was the ad served? How much did the ad cost? Google doesn’t want you to peak behind the curtain because then you will find out all their little tricks and how much they are really making.

And don’t even get me started on the Google slap thing. Hey little advertiser guy, you looked as us wrong. No more Google adwords or adsense for you–spanky spanky. You don’t have 50k hits per month? Then Google no likey you. You cannot play. Sound familiar?

If Google did buy Openx out, it would be horrible. In fact, I think the government would need to investigate if any antitrust laws were being violated.

Google already has a stranglehold on the market. Many of the ad networks have that popped up have that same wizard with a curtain feel to them.

I’m glad to see Openx. I really hope they succeed.


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