Why Facebook, Twitter & The Little Guy Should Be Scared: Google Wave

Have you ever tried getting in contact with Google customer service? I’ve thought about it, but have never actually tried. If you have been successful, please let me know how your experience was with them in the comments below this article. I simply never had the ambition to even try. Someone once likened their customer service to that of a visit to the doctors office where you have to wait 45 minutes to get in, the incompetence of the bureau of motor vehicles and the worst service you’ve ever received from a phone company…..times 500. Basically, if you are able to get through, they simply direct you to their back website where you may then email them–lucky you! Hold onto that luck because you’ll need it to get any worthwhile response…if any.

But I must say, what I’ve seen with their demonstration with Google Wave, I am impressed. You can view their demo of the wave here. But that’s what actually scares me. It scares the crap out of me actually. Why? Well, look at Google Search, Adwords, & Adsense. Can you say monopoly? That’s changing a bit with other ad networks popping up, but they’ve managed to Dominate paid search–all while having THE WORST customer service in the world. How do they do that??? Well, they obviously have a great product in high demand. That’s the scary part. It’s like a mean monster having the power to create water on a deserted Pacific island. If you make that big monster mad, well, forget it, you’re screwed. It’s like in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. In the land of paid internet search, Google is king…there is no other.

Ever heard of a Google slap? Did you see what Twitter did to all those marketers that added or deleted friends too quickly? Ever sent out a bunch of emails on Facebook asking a lot of people to be friends? They don’t like that sort of thing–it’s kind of spammy. Google already has enough power and control and this Wave thing will only consolidate power even further?

Think I’m joking? While Google likes to say it wants the Wave to be open, it only invited 100,000 people to test it. Want to get into the network? You have to be invited. How waspy is that? Some remember that that is how gmail was introduced and people were willing to pay money for it. Think you can buy your way in? Nope. People have already tried so Google is no longer allowing anymore user invites. So much for openness.

So I am giving Google credit for their Wave, even though I’ve never personally used it. Heck, it only took them 2 years to develop it. But at least Google is in the black making money which is more than Facebook and Twitter can say.

I just hope Yahoo or MSN come out with something similar to rival the colorful  jolly  G giant. If not, where are all the little guys to go when Google gives them the boot for spamming or inviting too many friends? I don’t care for spam as much as the next person. But when a small publisher that’s just new and starting out tries to get into Adwords and can’t because they don’t get 100k views per month…well, that’s just not very open to me. Call me silly.

So Google will deserve all the credit they get for this little Wave app–and they do deserve it. I just hope and pray that there are alternatives being developed because it just doesn’t seem fair when the new guy gets shut out just because he can’t generate traffic like some of the big dogs.

So what do you think? What impact do you think Google Wave will have on online marketing and other services like Twitter and Facebook? Leave your comments below…


2 Responses

  1. I think this article is garbage, and I’m sorry I wasted my time reading it. Why would you need to contact Google customer service? + most internet companies that give away free things don’t allow you to call their customer service. You being a blogger should know that about the internet. Have you tried to contact Facebook customer service?

    Google makes great products and that’s why they have great customer service. Believe it or not, they listen to their customers in their forums for new product ideas and improvements.

    How can you say that Google doesn’t want Wave to be open because they only allowed 100,000 people to test it? The Wave sandbox has been open to developers like myself for quite some time now, and it definitely needs some work. We should thank them for giving us a sneak peek at something that’s definitely not ready yet, most companies wouldn’t let you try it until it’s absolutely perfect.

    Anyway, to sum-up: terrible, just terrible

    • Free??? Google isn’t free…have you ever heard of paid search??? It’s those annoying ads on the side of Google. I don’t care that they are there, but in most of the internet world, annoying ads are called SPAM. So Google is not free, it’s subsidized by those pesky advertisers. Before I got into internet marketing, I totally ignored those ads because I knew they were ads and I wasn’t interested in buying. Google, Twitter and Facebook will cancel your account if you annoy people with ads.

      So I put up with those ads for the privilege of Google search. But if you actually place an ad through Adwords, or try to Help Google by generating ad revenue by placing Adsense on your website, then try to get ahold of Google. You cant. If you want to talk to a person on the phone forgetaboutit. If or when you do get paid by Adsense, how much is Google taking out? No one knows because it is a mystery. They can sell a keyword for $10, give you 20 cents and act like they are doing you a giant favor because they are practically a monopoly. I see it’s too late for you and you have already drank the kool-aid. Dude, you have been programming too long–get out of your cubbyhole.

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