UFC Quick Quote: Frankie Edgar is used to fighting outside — though it usually goes down at the Jersey Shore:

UFC Quick Quote: Frankie Edgar is used to fighting outside — though it usually goes down at the Jersey Shore: ”


‘It’s great to be recognized by the UFC as the No. 1 contender. I put a lot of work into this. It’s midnight right now and I left my house at 5:30 in the morning and I won’t be home until after midnight. I work hard and I think I deserve it… By the time nighttime rolls in Abu Dhabi (the card begins at 9 p.m.) it should be a comfortable temperature… Being in the desert, it might be a little drier than I’m used to. But I’m going to go out there 10 days beforehand to adjust… I’ve fought outdoors before, just mostly in Seaside.’

The challenger to UFC lightweight champion B.J. Penn’s crown at UFC 112, Frankie Edgar, talked to APP.com about his number one contendership status and the potential obstacles that fighting outside in Abu Dhabi can present. While some people believe that Edgar isn’t quite deserving of a title fight at this point, “The Answer” trusts in his abilities and feels as though the shot is rightfully his. And though UFC 112 is set to take place outdoors on April 10 in Abu Dhabi for the first time in the promotion’s history, Frankie says the adjustment won’t take much getting used to as he has already thrown down under the moonlight before… though most of the action has taken place in Seaside Heights. So will fighting outdoors be a problem for either guy in the lightweight title bout? And if so, who has the advantage in previous outdoor fighting experience — B.J. Penn in his tropical paradise of Hawaii, or Frankie Edgar getting dirty at “The Shore?”


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