Tiger Woods to Jesse James: “Thank You!” Maybe Sandra Bullock Can Borrow One of Tiger’s Clubs to Pound Michelle McGee…

If Tiger Woods bumped into Jesse James, surely the first words out of his mouth would be “Thank you.” Woods, the worldwide known professional golfer, has had the unwanted national media spotlight on him lately for his self-professed unfaithful encounters with various women over the years. Although not all the details are known, Jesse James, a self-made custom motorcycle maker turned Hollywood superstar, may be best known for his marriage to the famous Sandra Bullock.

My question to Jesse James is: “What the heck were you thinking’ boy?” If Sandra Bullock isn’t one of the most classically beautiful women in Hollywood, then I must be half woman. Although details have not yet surfaced, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee is rumored to have stripped for James. Whether or not things went further is anyone’s guess, but with a wife like Bullock, why in the world would he even take that chance?

Sandra is reported to have left the home, so one is led to believe that more may have transpired between James and “Bombshell.” If you google a photo of her, you can see why James may have been attracted; they both have a penchant for tattoos–a lot of them. Jesse seems like a nice guy on TV despite his tattoos and if all McGee did was show a little skin, then I hope James gets another shot with the ravishing and sophisticated Bullock. If things went any further though, then Jesse either needs to check into the nearest insane asylum, drive his custom chopper off a cliff, or both.


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  1. Maybe we should send Sandra a golf club so she can beat the hell out of him like Elin did Tiger. I will donate to that cause.

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