Mike Holmgren On Rebuilding The Cleveland Browns

One-on-One With Mike Holmgren: Rebuilding the Browns: ”

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ORLANDO, Fla. — Mike Holmgren emerged from his first presidential morning at the NFL‘s annual league meetings unscathed. No scars were visible, and Holmgren did not seem ruffled by the fact he was not in the annual photo of the league’s coaches.

‘I’m getting there,’ Holmgren said of his adjustment to his front-office role with the Cleveland Browns.

Holmgren is a rarity in the NFL: Ask a question and he’ll answer. If he can’t, he’ll simply admit it. Monday, the new Browns president addressed many issues, among them his and the Browns’ thinking about quarterbacks Jimmy Clausen (thumbs neither up nor down) and Sam Bradford (thumbs up) as the draft approaches.

He also discussed his thought process in keeping Eric Mangini as coach after a 5-11 season, his thinking in trading Brady Quinn and his approach to changing 11 years of losing in Cleveland. He even related a story about being challenged by a fan who was not thrilled the Browns had traded Quinn, and conceded season-ticket and suite sales are not what the team would want.

In an exclusive Q&A with FanHouse, Holmgren first specified his most important job: “Put a good product on the field. That and to do it with a certain degree of fiscal responsibility.””


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