Branchwhipped Gears Up for Triathlon Season

Andrew Spencer of Branchwhipped Gets You Ready For Triathlon Season

Andrew Spencer of Branwhipped: Are you ready for Tri season?

Triathlon Season is Here are you ready?

Triathlons are races with a perfect blend of swimming, biking and running Do you have what it takes to swim, bike and run a triathlon? Summer is fast approaching and many large Traithlons that start in May, could already be sold out. No worries, there are usually numerous local or regional triathlons that you can find close to home. If you haven’t competed before, or if your training schedule has been postponed, a sprint triathlon is usually something you can jump into if you you haven’t been too lazy with you work out program over the winter months. I’ve competed in a number of Triathons in California and Utah. My two favorite consist of the Camp Pendleton Triathlons, not to mention their world famous Mud Runs that sell out fast enough they have to schedule 4 different events throughout the summer. The St. George Triathlon is another favorite. Camp Pendleton offers a fast course overall, while St. Geroge offers a more challenging course overall.

A few tips if you have yet to cmpete in your first triathlon:

  • Set a goal, find a race and register – goal set.
  • You don’t need $1000’s worth of gear (bike) barrow a bike or use the one you have. Important thing is you are doing it
  • Start with something you can obtain. Do a Sprint Triathlon first, its usually half the distance of the Olympic
  • Get friends and family support. Convince others to train and compete with you.
  • Practice swimming a few times in open water before the big day. Open water swims are nothing like swimming in a perfect indoor pool environment. Lake, pond, ocean – conditions can sometimes be crazy
  • Go online and get a training schedule. Anyone can Swim, Bike or Run, but you need to train some days that you do them all back to back. You need to know how your muscles react. It is a weird sensation to go from swimming/running to your bike /biking/running.

What Triathlons are your favorites, or do you plan on running this year? let us know below.

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