Getty Image Infringement: How To Not Get Caught

Getty Image Infringement: How Not To Get Caught

Manchester United vs FC Barcelona

Awhile back we did a story about a littel guy that got busted for infringement for using Getty images. Since then, I’ve noticed more searches for information on that. So, you want to use sweet images but don’t want to get busted? Read on and I’ll tell you about some options that may work for you.

If you’re stuck on using Getty images, because they do have some nice ones. you might consider setting up a site at There, they will let you use all the Getty images you want for free, but only on the website. I thought the site was pretty sweet for social networking, but in the end, they are hosting all your information, so you’re future pretty much is dictated by them. One cool thing you can do there is link to their store and sell all kinds of fashion stuff easily on your website if that is your thing. In the end, it looked pretty neat if you wanted to do it as a hobby, but if you want to own the site, it’s not going to happen at

A second option is to search Flickr or Google for Creative Commons images. In a nutshell, these are basically images that you are free to use–but many times it comes with stipulations–such as you have to link back to the picture owner’s site at Flickr and you can’t sell or change the image. What you can and can’t do is listed in the details of each photo, but it beats having Getty images send you nasty threats. Unfortunately, Flickr does not have a ton of options even under many popular searches when you are looking for Creative Commons photos. With Google, you can search their Creative Commons as well and although it’s limited compared to a regular search, I think it gives you more options than Flickr. Also with Google, I’ve run into so many amateur bloggers that just swipe one image after another from there whether it’s listed under Creative Commons or not. At least with Google, if you swipe the wrong pic, you can hope that there might be safety in numbers.

Finally, a third option, is to use a service called PicApp which works well with wordpress. They have a great database of photos although you aren’t able to upload it, resell it, or change it in any way. The visitor will also be linked to their site if they click on the photo. So while it’s somewhat limited, if all you want to do is spruce up your blog posts, I think it’s a great option.

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