First, thanks for visiting my blog. Without you, my blog is nothing.

This is really my first online blog. I hope to eventually make many millions from it. Please stop snickering.

This is still in the design stages, so if you want a finished product, check back in about 20 years. Anyone who tells you something is finished or won’t ever be redesigned is kidding you. If you are not constantly tweaking or trying to better yourself or your website, then you are already perfect and wasting your time here. I’m a mere mortal.

My likes include MMA (mixed martial arts for those of you not in the know, specifically the UFC) also referred to as human cockfighting by John McCain among others. I enjoy working out from time to time, but now that I’ve gotten older, it sometimes interferes with my laziness. Once in awhile I like to talk about how the people in Washington are screwing up and why they should offer everyone else the same health plan that they get. Celebrities can also be kind of intriguing at times. How did regular people like Jon & Kate go from a couple wondering how they were ever going to raise 8 kids to being stalked by the Paparazzi? Weird I know, especially when Kate hen-pecks the way she does–don’t you just want to run away from her? Jon doesn’t look like the greatest catch either now–so Clooney and Pitt can rest easy now.

Oh yah, I like finding stuff out about making money online–but wordpress.com doesn’t like that sort of thing. So once I build a little head of steam, I’ll get a real website that lets me sell my little internet gadgets.

Until then, this is what you’re gonna get–like it or not. So, thanks for visiting, and please come back early and often 🙂

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