Cincinnati Ad Agency-What’s the best ad agency in Cincinnati?

Are you looking for the best Cincinnati ad agency? If you’re looking for an agency that specializes in print advertising in newspapers or magazines, then I can’t really help you. But, if you’re looking for an agency that specializes in Cincinnati online advertising such as video marketing or pay per click management, then you might want to look at While the names sounds like they might be based in Chicago or New York, they are actually based in Cincinnati. Although they are a big news publisher, they have also done some fine work in creating online advertising campaigns for different brands and corporations.

While some companies and brands are still looking to advertise in newspapers and magazines, the really successful brands realize that online is the place to be. One option you might consider is pay per click advertising that can place your ad in front of millions of different customers. The key advantage here is that you don’t pay unless a customer clicks on and views your ad. Depending on what you are advertising, you might have to pay anywhere from 5 cents to twenty dollars to have a customer view your ad. The price of your ad depends on how competitive your keyword is. A keyword is something someone types into Google to search for. For example, lets say you have a company that helps clean up basements after they flood. You might want to target keywords like Cincinnati basement repair, or Cincinnati basement flooding company. If you are the only company in Cincinnati bidding on that keyword for Google, then your cost per click should be relatively inexpensive.

Besides pay per click advertising, some companies have also found video marketing to be very effective. Think of video marketing to be like a commercial on TV except it’s on the internet. One key advantage to video marketing online is that once you pay to put the video up, there usually is no further cost. Not only that, but your video is viewable years into the future for others to watch. A good firm like can help you get your company videos up in no time and advise you on the best places to put your videos online and how the process works.

Finally, a third strategy to advertise online is call SEO or search engine optimization. As compared to pay per click, SEO usually doesn’t have a cost associated with each visitor. Usually you pay a firm to help you get to the front page of Google. That way, when someone searches for your keyword, such as Cincinnati ¬†basement repair, your company website pops up on the first page of Google. Usually, SEO takes a few months to implement. SEO involves strategies like creating articles and videos about your products or services, posting those articles and videos online, and then getting them indexed by major search engines like Google.

Whether you’re looking for PPC management, video marketing advice, or SEO and search engine optimization for your website, the right ad agency can play a huge role in getting you seen online to help your present and new customers find you to help create a bigger bottom line. If you have any questions about any of the topics covered in this article, please leave them in the comments below.

MaverickGuy is Moving To

I want to thank everyone that has visited my site. Unfortunately, I will be putting my efforts in to join force with another site called

This is basically a brand new site being launched. Their goal is to be the biggest online media news agency in the next 12 months–think CNN meets Oprah Winfrey. I know that’s a really lofty goal, but you have to start somewhere. The cool thing about them is that they won’t really be like traditional media. Basically it gives the average Joe the chance to get his story out to everyone. Whether it’s about your son winning their little league championship or your ideas about the upcoming local school levy, this is the site to post it. Basically they’re looking to focus on much smaller communities, like neighborhoods or school districts. Local media tries to cover your news, but in big cities really all you hear about is shooting and car accidents.

Anyway, check them out– and if you want, come back and leave comments as to what you think…

Wow! Check Out &!

Hi everyone. This is going to be an awesome update. I’ve recently come across 2 great new free tools called and These are 2 websites that you can access for free and integrate with your webpage or blog. allows you to create polls and post them on your website for people to vote on. You can use this for customer feedback, to get suggestions, or just for fun. Here is an example:


How cool is that? It’s easy to setup and I think it’s not only cool but can be extremely useful.¬†

The next resource is a site called It’s somehwhat similar to Polldaddy, but it allows you to gather qualitative information such as Tell us what you thought about the presentation. This can be extremely useful for customer feedback, suggestions, or a survey. The site is also really to use. If you goto my Market Insider page and click on the link, you can see an example there.

So there are 2 examples of free and very useful tools out there. So what are you waiting for, get out there and start getting some customer feedback and ideas!