Ben Roethlisberger’s Accuser: “This is not OK.”

What Did Ben Roethlisberger’s Female Accuser Say To Him?: ”

San Diego Chargers v Pittsburgh Steelers

Ben Roethlsiberger’s accuser, the young woman that claimed she was sexually assaulted by him in a Capital City nightclub, according to authorities told him, “No, this is not OK.”

Ironic as it may seem, just ran a story on April being sexual assault awareness month.

According to reports, Ben had two bodyguards with him that evening. Over 500 pages of documents seem to indicate that Roethlisberger was encouraging the younger girls to drink. One witness said he had made crude comments during the evening. Ben had also referred to the accuser as a tease. Later in the evening, when Ben’s accuser was dunk, she was led down a hallway by one of the bodyguards–Anthony Barravecchio. According to reports, a couple of the girl’s friends tried to follow but were stopped by another bodyguard, Ed Joyner. Ann Marie Lubatti, one of the accuser’s friends, told the bodyguard that her friend was dunk and it wasn’t right. Lubatti said that he (the bodyguard) couldn’t look her in the eye and said he didn’t know what she was talking about.

Alone with Roethlisberger, the accuser told him “this isn’t OK.” Roethlisberger responded “It’s OK.” If you want full details, you can read them on ESPN.

Afterwards, the girls walked out and Lubatti walked up to the first policeman she saw and told him what happened. When Roethlisberger returned to his lake home, a friend asked him why police were at the nightclub. Roethlisberger told him that he was in the back with the accuser “messing around.”

As it turns out, after reviewing all the evidence, the DA won’t be charging Roethlisberger due to lack of evidence and the fact that the young accuser doesn’t want to pursue it in court. Hmm, I wonder if her pocketbook got any bigger…?

Roethlisberger’s bodyguards? It turns out they are both police officers but were not on official duty that night. Is this sounding janky to anyone yet? When asked about the accuser, both bodyguards say they have “no memory” of her. Well I’ll be.

Suffice it to say that the Pittsburgh Steelers owner Art Rooney and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell are a bit disappointed. Their response to the incident will probably unfold in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, what do you think the punishment, if any, should be for Roethlisberger?

Mike Holmgren On Rebuilding The Cleveland Browns

One-on-One With Mike Holmgren: Rebuilding the Browns: ”

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ORLANDO, Fla. — Mike Holmgren emerged from his first presidential morning at the NFL‘s annual league meetings unscathed. No scars were visible, and Holmgren did not seem ruffled by the fact he was not in the annual photo of the league’s coaches.

‘I’m getting there,’ Holmgren said of his adjustment to his front-office role with the Cleveland Browns.

Holmgren is a rarity in the NFL: Ask a question and he’ll answer. If he can’t, he’ll simply admit it. Monday, the new Browns president addressed many issues, among them his and the Browns’ thinking about quarterbacks Jimmy Clausen (thumbs neither up nor down) and Sam Bradford (thumbs up) as the draft approaches.

He also discussed his thought process in keeping Eric Mangini as coach after a 5-11 season, his thinking in trading Brady Quinn and his approach to changing 11 years of losing in Cleveland. He even related a story about being challenged by a fan who was not thrilled the Browns had traded Quinn, and conceded season-ticket and suite sales are not what the team would want.

In an exclusive Q&A with FanHouse, Holmgren first specified his most important job: “Put a good product on the field. That and to do it with a certain degree of fiscal responsibility.””

Loleini Tonga: Is She At All Responsible For Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver Chris Henry’s Tragic Death?

First of all, my heart goes out to Chris Henry’s family–I cannot imagine the loss and grief that they must be suffering and feeling at this time. I am sure there is nothing on earth that can relieve their emotional pain. Having said, and assuming that his family is close to Loleini Tonga‘s family, is she at all responsible for Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry’s tragic death?

I’m sure the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are doing their best to answer questions about the tragedy, but even if Henry jumped out of the back of the truck on his own free will, was Tonga driving recklessly? Photos on the internet show tire tracks through the yard of Tonga. One witness even stated the truck was traveling “pretty fast.” Witnesses on 911 calls say that Henry was begging Tonga to stop and even threatening to throw himself out of the truck. If someone is in the back of your truck, begging you to stop, and ends up dying, is the person driving at all responsible? Sure, Henry jumped into the truck on his own free will, but he also begged  Tonga to stop.

What if Henry had been driving and Tonga was in the bed of the truck? I know one thing for sure, Henry would have been processed and behind bars already. Sure, Chris Henry made some unwise choices, but at the least, how will Loleini Tonga be able to live with herself. At most, she should be held responsible for her actions in this tragic event, including her action of deciding not to stop the truck and drive it “recklessly” as described by at least one witness.

What do you think? Should Tonga face any charges? What if Henry had been driving the truck–would the reaction from police and the media be any different?

Former Ohio State Buckeye Quarterback Art Schleister: Busted

Former Ohio State Buckeye standout and quarterback Art Schleister just recently published a book detailing his battle with a gambling addiction called Busted.

Schleister, who was a 4th overall pick in the NFL draft, has gambled with addiction even since college. During the NFL strike, Schleister found himself back home in Ohio with a wad of cash in his pocket from his signing bonus. From there, it was downhill.

Now 49, after having served several years prison time, Schleister is back home living with his mother. Still paying off gambling debts, Schleister pays either cash or a cashiers check to the U.S. government every month–basically a garnishment since he may never be able to pay back all he owes.

Even today Schleister says his gambling addiction is a day to day struggle. Once known as a football star, the horse race track was a way for Art to be accepted for who he was. “There, I was just a normal guy” Scleister stated. “I was accepted for me as a person, not what I could do on the football field.”

Still, from his gambling debts, and the amount he owed people, and who he owed, Schleister is really lucky to be alive today. He could have been taken out many times–which would have hurt far more than any sack he ever suffered.

While he may never get out of debt or make it to the hall of fame, Art may one day get the one freedom he has never had–the freedom from gambling addiction.

Texas Tech Has Twitter Problem

Texas Tech Has a Twitter Problem: “Michael David Smithby Michael David Smith

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Brandon CarterTexas Tech had a bad day on Saturday, dropping a 29-28 heartbreaker to Houston for its second consecutive loss. But it had a downright weird day on Sunday, with one of its best players being suspended indefinitely and announcing that suspension via Twitter, and another senior leader turning to Twitter to rip the football program and head coach Mike Leach.

Tech offensive lineman Brandon Carter tweeted on Sunday, ‘I am not a captain anymore and will not be playing this week. Good luck red raiders ill still be cheering on my family from the stands!!:)’ Carter appears to have deleted his Twitter account (@BCSLAM) after that, but not before the Lubbock Avalanche Journal noted the tweet and the suspension, which has been confirmed by the Tech athletic department.

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Idiotic Purdue Coach Calls Timeout To Hand Win To Charlie Weis And The Notre Dame Irish

Purdue coach Danny Hope calls timeout with the clock running and 36 seconds to go to help seal a last second loss to Charlie Weis and the Irish of Notre Dame.

Hope’s reasoning was that he wanted to save time in case Notre Dame scored so that he might be able to get in 3 or 4 offensive plays before the end of the game. Evidently, he had no faith in his defense, which proved to be an accurate assessment. But as a coach, don’t you want to show faith and confidence in your players?

Rather than help his defense by letting the clock continue to run, it also allowed Notre Dame the chance to totally set themselves up. In case you weren’t privy to Notre Dame’s huddle, here’s what happened:

Jimmy Clausen calls the play. As the huddle breaks, Kyle Rudolph, a native of Cincinnati Elder, tells Clausen “Jimmy, just get me the ball.” Clausen replies, “You better get open and you better catch it.”

The play called for Rudolph to go 2 yards deep and cut in. If he wasn’t open, he was to break back to the outside. Someone should have told the Purdue defender that. Actually I thought the coverage wasn’t bad–it’s just the throw was right on spot and the defender was a bit outsized. In that situation, pretty good coverage isn’t good enough. If the cops aren’t questioning you for rape after the game, then the coverage wasn’t tight enough. No room for error here.

Wow, talk about cajones. A sophomore demanding the ball in the biggest play of the game, for quite possibly one of the most legendary teams in the country. Of course, Rudolph did play all 13 games his freshman year, but geesh, where are the upper classmen?

It seems after a rocky couple of years, the luck is starting to roll back in the Irish’s direction. That, or a kid from Cincinnati that didn’t like losing stepped up to make things happen. Nice job Kyle. Oh yah, and thanks Danny Hope. Better luck next year.

(Video) Florida Gators’ Tim Tebow Knocks Out Kentucky Then Gets Knocked Out

Florida Gators’ Tim Tebow takes out the University of Kentucky Wildcats in the 1st quarter after going up 31-0. Later though, while getting sacked, Tebow hits his head on leg of teammate and gets knocked out. Preliminary indications are that he received a concussion. After leaving the field, he was soon transported to a UK hospital by ambulance. See video below:

NFL’s Plaxico Burress Meets Bubba. Ok, This Is Not Even Funny.

Plaxico Burress Heckled by Fellow Inmates Upon Arrival at Rikers: “Chris Burkeby Chris Burke

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Plaxico BurressPlaxico Burress received a rude welcome to prison life Tuesday. When he arrived at Rikers Island to begin a two-year sentence, his fellow inmates taunted him — sometimes obscenely — and heckled him with taunts of ‘Giants Suck,’ jail guards told the New York Post.

Cue the most obvious statement you’ll read all day:

‘He was depressed,’ one of the guards told the Post after Burress spent his first night behind bars. ‘He was trying to keep to himself, but everyone was yelling at him.’

Plaxico Burress Heckled by Fellow Inmates Upon Arrival at Rikers originally appeared on Fanhouse NFL Blog on Thu, 24 Sep 2009 15:00:00 EST . Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Sympathy Or Stupidity? Former NFL Star Plaxico Burress Gets 2 Years For Gun Charges

Can Other Players Learn From Plaxico's Sad, Lonely Tale? NFL Sure Hopes So: “Thomas Georgeby Thomas George

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Plaxico BurressA former Giants teammate who spoke with Plaxico Burress hours before he was sentenced to two years in prison on gun charges Tuesday said that Burress told him it was ‘just beginning to dawn on me I am going in.”

As has often been the case, Burress got it late. Way too late. Executives from the Steelers (where Burress played from 2000-2004) and Giants (2005-2008) painted a similar picture of their time with Burress.

Even so, the league office and each NFL team took notice of Burress clinging to his son before walking that lonely plank into confinement — they did not have to know him well to feel compassion and concern. Or to use this as one more tool to educate their players on guns and football, how the mix is not natural. Only with education and responsibility can both co-exist. That is the NFL’s continued mantra.

They know the next NFL gun case will surface.

Can Other Players Learn From Plaxico’s Sad, Lonely Tale? NFL Sure Hopes So originally appeared on Fanhouse NFL Blog on Thu, 24 Sep 2009 15:00:00 EST . Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Crazy But true: NFL Fines Sheldon Brown Of Philadelphia Eagles For Wearing Jason Mask

NFL Fines Sheldon Brown $10K for Wearing Jason Mask: “Ryan Wilsonby Ryan Wilson

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Pretty sure even those fans with just a passing interest in football probably thought to themselves, ‘Yep, he’s definitely getting fined,’ when the EaglesSheldon Brown was announced prior to last Sunday’s game while sporting a Jason mask. Gretz even fake tweeted it (proof reproduced after the jump).

And yesterday, the Real_RogerGoodell did what everybody expected: garnished Brown’s wages for prematurely celebrating Halloween. Via PFT (via ESPN’s Adam Schefter), Brown is now out $10,000 for the ‘uniform violation.’

Forgetting the ten grand for a moment, Brown might want to tone it down a bit for another reason: the Saints hung 48 on the Eagles last week. The mask didn’t take, apparently.

NFL Fines Sheldon Brown $10K for Wearing Jason Mask originally appeared on Fanhouse Backporch on Fri, 25 Sep 2009 11:00:00 EST . Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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