Top 20 Up & Coming Facebook Apps

Top 20 Up and Coming Facebook Apps: Eid, Rosh Hashana, Football and More: “

Kartu Lebaran on FacebookBy taking a look at the fastest-growing Facebook apps with between 10,000 and 100,000 monthly active users, we can sometimes spot hits early, before they hit major growth spurts. However, this past week we saw a few apps that told us something else. People are using Facebook apps for religious and social celebrations around the world. While these apps aren’t likely to stay popular once the celebrating ends, they do show the diverse interests of Facebook’s growing user base — and perhaps the apps’ developers can figure out how to build a longer-term user base from the people they’re getting now.

Indeed, it appears that almost all of the apps below were created through a white-label app called “Gift Creator,” which itself has more than half a million users.

At the top of the list is “Kartu Lebaran,” an Indonesian virtual card-giving app that has grown by 54,000 users over the past week to reach 63,000 monthly active users. The app means “Lebaran card” in the Indonesian language — “Lebaran” is a term used by some Muslims in Southeast Asia for Eid ul-Fitr, a celebration held at the end of the holy month of Ramadan. Eid occurred on the 20th and 21st of this past week, depending on what part of the world you were in. At third place was “حــلـــويـات الـعـيــد” or “Eid sweets” in Arabic. Similar to the Lebaran app, you can give virtual sweets to celebrate Eid with loved ones. The app has grown by 26,000 people over the course of Eid to level off at 34,000 earlier this week.

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, % Developer
1. Kartu Lebaran 62,978 +54,430 +636.8
2. What is your Euro-persona? 65,872 +28,946 +78.4 Mark Burnash
3. حــلـــويـات الـعـيــد 34,177 +26,523 +346.5
4. Shana Tova! Rosh HaShana 5770 45,932 +24,745 +116.8
5. Amici Secrets 18,977 +16,872 +801.5 Super Apps
6. My Babybook 49,771 +16,767 +50.8 Poolhouse
7. CampusBuddy 95,118 +16,465 +20.9
8. Kisses & Erotic 34,814 +14,819 +74.1
9. Friendship Appreciation 52,965 +13,636 +34.7
10. Fiestas Patrias 49,375 +13,560 +37.9 Claudio Campis Torres
11. Vérité ou Mensonge 21,272 +13,133 +161.4 Bien
12. Friend of the Day 44,887 +12,911 +40.4 Team Moulin
13. (Lil) Eco Racer 87,725 +12,198 +16.2 Green Patch, Inc.
14. The Fortune Teller 83,703 +11,936 +16.6
15. Power of Prayer 74,749 +11,431 +18.1
16. Angel Fun 82,489 +11,422 +16.1 Paul Thomas
17. Pittsburgh Steelers Swag 72,075 +11,386 +18.8 Andrea Massari
18. SportsButter Football 38,770 +11,245 +40.9 SportsButter
19. GroupCard 65,563 +11,176 +20.6
20. Animated pets 15,646 +10,987 +235.8

Meanwhile, many celebrating the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashana made use of the “Shana Tova! Rosh HaShana 5770” app — putting it at fourth place on the list. Rosh Hashana, celebrated between the 18th and 20th of the month this year, is the Jewish-calendar new year; “Shana Tova” means something like “happy new year.” 5770 is this year in the Jewish calendar. As with the Eid apps, this one lets you give virtual gifts to people.

Fiestas Patrias on FacebookThis past week saw ongoing celebrations for Chilean independence day Fiestas Patrias, via the continued growth of an app of the same name. The Fiestas Patrias app grew by nearly 14,000 users over the course of the week to reach nearly 50,000 people total. It’s another gifting app, albeit with national symbols like the Chilean flag instead of Eid cards or whatever, and came in at tenth place on the list.

And for some people, this part of the year marks the start of another, not quite as holy period: Football season. While there are much larger football applications made by companies like Watercooler and Citizen Sports, a couple showed up on this list made by smaller developers. One is Pittsburgh Steelers Swag, an app for giving virtual Steelers gear to your friends — the basic gift-giving app design style. It has been growing slowly and steadily since early August, seeing a stronger uptick this past week: It gained 11,000 people to reach 72,000 monthly active users.

Another football app also appears on the list: “SportsButter Football,” a fantasy football game made by SportsButter. It grew by 11,000 people to reach 38,000 by the end of the week. The two football apps came in at number 17 and 18 on the list, respectively.

In conclusion, now is a good time to be a seasonal app builder, but we don’t expect any of these apps to gain serious long-term traction. However, perhaps we’ll be proven wrong. Perhaps some of these small-time developers will figure out how to leverage their small audiences now into something bigger, later. That would be quite a story.

Farmville Still Fastest Growing App On Facebook

The 20 Fastest Growing Facebook Apps: Virtual Farms Still Gaining Fast: “

This past week was not surprising for those of us tracking Facebook application growth. Social games continued to account for almost all of the top 20 fastest-growing apps on the platform, according to our AppData analytics service — especially the virtual farming genre of social games.

Zynga, as it has over much of the summer, maintained the number one spot with FarmVille. The app grew by 3.83 million people over the last week to reach 41.5 million monthly active users. But FarmVille is not the only farm game on the top 20 list. Country Story, made by Playfish, came in at number eight. It grew 640,000 users over the past week to reach 5.44 million monthly actives. A new entrant, Greenpatch Inc’s (Lil) Farm Life, grew 445,000 to reach 2.65 million. So although FarmVille is growing much faster than its rivals on the Facebook Platform, it does not have a complete virtual farming monopoly.

Only a few non-games made the list. At number four was Causes, an app to help organizations gain Facebook supporters. It grew 1.30 million people to 28.9 million monthly actives. And once again, Facebook’s own mobile apps continue to grow. Facebook’s iPhone app grew 400,000 to 13.6 million, similar to growth it saw last week, making number 17 on the list. Facebook’s more general mobile app, Mobile, barely missed this list by coming in at number 21. It grew 262,000 to reach 10.7 million.

Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, % Developer
1. FarmVille 41,484,832 +3,825,667 +10.2 Zynga
2. Birthday Cards 11,779,352 +3,318,808 +39.2 RockYou!
3. Mafia Wars 22,419,441 +1,703,730 +8.2 Zynga
4. Causes 28,929,195 +1,299,468 +4.7 Causes
5. YoVille 15,649,707 +870,439 +5.9 Zynga
6. Restaurant City 13,214,400 +859,905 +7.0 Playfish
7. Animal Paradise 1,619,071 +732,149 +82.6 Rekoo
8. Country Story 5,447,634 +624,243 +12.9 Playfish
9. Tattoodle 4,570,791 +579,586 +14.5 Make The Web Better
10. My Fishbowl 1,961,422 +560,558 +40.0 TwoFishes Interactive
11. Pet Society 17,052,474 +546,214 +3.3 Playfish
12. What’s your Actual Age? 821,193 +476,938 +138.5 q
13. Horoscopes 2,491,015 +467,037 +23.1 RockYou!
14. Music 9,761,196 +449,626 +4.8 iLike, inc
15. (Lil) Farm Life 2,647,109 +445,665 +20.2 Greenpatch Inc
16. Texas HoldEm Poker 16,673,582 +412,394 +2.5 Zynga
17. Facebook for iPhone 13,662,024 +400,518 +3.0
18. Brain Buddies 4,635,662 +348,529 +8.1 wooga – world of gaming
19. Mobsters 2: Vendetta 2,081,968 +329,533 +18.8 Playdom
20. Pandora’s Box 2,275,932 +271,666 +13.6 3happybytes

Flickr Late To Apple IPhone App Party

Flickr, Late to the iPhone App Party, Now Faces a Crowded Market: ”

iphone-flickrFlickr, the Yahoo-owned photo-sharing site, has launched a free iPhone application that lets you shoot, upload and share photos and videos directly from the device. Given that it’s the camera of choice for Flickr users, many will find it a welcome addition. But a number of similar apps already available on the iPhone have done a fine job filling the void left by Flickr in the meantime, notably those of social networks.

The iPhone app closely replicates the full Flickr experience, including letting users geo-tag photos before uploading them, and it only took us five quick taps on the iPhone to email a photo to friends. You can’t log directly into the app, however, but are instead directed to the Flickr site via Safari. Still, the cumbersome log-in process was the only major gripe we had with it, so hopefully future versions will address this problem.

But if you’re not plugged into the Flickr community, you may find it easier to share your mobile pics with either the Facebook or MySpace apps. Even TwitPic or TwitterFon work great in a pinch if you’re looking to quickly send out a snap to the folks that follow you on Twitter. Flickr had 26.9 million unique visitors in July, according to web analytics company Compete. But in light of the 65 million people that Facebook alone serves on mobile devices, the photo-sharing site could have a tough time catching up.

Facebook Waits Patiently For Apple To Approve IPhone App

Facebook Still Waiting on Apple to Approve Facebook for iPhone 3.0: “

It’s been 10 days since Facebook submitted the new Facebook for iPhone 3.0 application to Apple for review, but contrary to what one might expect, Apple doesn’t appear to be in any hurry to fast-track one of the most widely used apps on the iPhone/iPod Touch platform.

Frustrated with what he calls the “guilty until proven innocent” model of iPhone application approval, Facebook for iPhone developer Joe Hewitt wrote a blog post last night explaining why Apple should trust developers more.

“There are plenty of successful platforms out there which free developers to publish anything, but punish them if they do something harmful,” Hewitt writes. “This allows developers to move fast, fix bugs immediately, get feedback from users at a very low cost.”

The Facebook Platform has always operated this way, and it’s led to an incredibly rapid pace of innovation over the last couple of years. While some Facebook application developers have griped as Facebook has made changes to keep application behavior in check overall, developers have always been able to freely create and update apps on Facebook without going through any pre-screening process. However, it doesn’t appear that Apple will be changing its ways any time soon.

Last week, we gave a detailed tour of the updated app, which brings Facebook Pages, video uploading, events, photo management, and more. Overall, the upgrades should lead to even more engagement while users are on the go. Today, Facebook for iPhone has nearly 12.5 million active users.