Ben Roethlisberger’s Accuser: “This is not OK.”

What Did Ben Roethlisberger’s Female Accuser Say To Him?: ”

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Ben Roethlsiberger’s accuser, the young woman that claimed she was sexually assaulted by him in a Capital City nightclub, according to authorities told him, “No, this is not OK.”

Ironic as it may seem, just ran a story on April being sexual assault awareness month.

According to reports, Ben had two bodyguards with him that evening. Over 500 pages of documents seem to indicate that Roethlisberger was encouraging the younger girls to drink. One witness said he had made crude comments during the evening. Ben had also referred to the accuser as a tease. Later in the evening, when Ben’s accuser was dunk, she was led down a hallway by one of the bodyguards–Anthony Barravecchio. According to reports, a couple of the girl’s friends tried to follow but were stopped by another bodyguard, Ed Joyner. Ann Marie Lubatti, one of the accuser’s friends, told the bodyguard that her friend was dunk and it wasn’t right. Lubatti said that he (the bodyguard) couldn’t look her in the eye and said he didn’t know what she was talking about.

Alone with Roethlisberger, the accuser told him “this isn’t OK.” Roethlisberger responded “It’s OK.” If you want full details, you can read them on ESPN.

Afterwards, the girls walked out and Lubatti walked up to the first policeman she saw and told him what happened. When Roethlisberger returned to his lake home, a friend asked him why police were at the nightclub. Roethlisberger told him that he was in the back with the accuser “messing around.”

As it turns out, after reviewing all the evidence, the DA won’t be charging Roethlisberger due to lack of evidence and the fact that the young accuser doesn’t want to pursue it in court. Hmm, I wonder if her pocketbook got any bigger…?

Roethlisberger’s bodyguards? It turns out they are both police officers but were not on official duty that night. Is this sounding janky to anyone yet? When asked about the accuser, both bodyguards say they have “no memory” of her. Well I’ll be.

Suffice it to say that the Pittsburgh Steelers owner Art Rooney and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell are a bit disappointed. Their response to the incident will probably unfold in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, what do you think the punishment, if any, should be for Roethlisberger?