Former Ohio State Buckeye Quarterback Art Schleister: Busted

Former Ohio State Buckeye standout and quarterback Art Schleister just recently published a book detailing his battle with a gambling addiction called Busted.

Schleister, who was a 4th overall pick in the NFL draft, has gambled with addiction even since college. During the NFL strike, Schleister found himself back home in Ohio with a wad of cash in his pocket from his signing bonus. From there, it was downhill.

Now 49, after having served several years prison time, Schleister is back home living with his mother. Still paying off gambling debts, Schleister pays either cash or a cashiers check to the U.S. government every month–basically a garnishment since he may never be able to pay back all he owes.

Even today Schleister says his gambling addiction is a day to day struggle. Once known as a football star, the horse race track was a way for Art to be accepted for who he was. “There, I was just a normal guy” Scleister stated. “I was accepted for me as a person, not what I could do on the football field.”

Still, from his gambling debts, and the amount he owed people, and who he owed, Schleister is really lucky to be alive today. He could have been taken out many times–which would have hurt far more than any sack he ever suffered.

While he may never get out of debt or make it to the hall of fame, Art may one day get the one freedom he has never had–the freedom from gambling addiction.