Loleini Tonga: Is She At All Responsible For Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver Chris Henry’s Tragic Death?

First of all, my heart goes out to Chris Henry’s family–I cannot imagine the loss and grief that they must be suffering and feeling at this time. I am sure there is nothing on earth that can relieve their emotional pain.¬†Having said, and assuming that his family is close to Loleini Tonga‘s family, is she at all responsible for Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry’s tragic death?

I’m sure the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are doing their best to answer questions about the tragedy, but even if Henry jumped out of the back of the truck on his own free will, was Tonga driving recklessly? Photos on the internet show tire tracks through the yard of Tonga. One witness even stated the truck was traveling “pretty fast.” Witnesses on 911 calls say that Henry was begging Tonga to stop and even threatening to throw himself out of the truck. If someone is in the back of your truck, begging you to stop, and ends up dying, is the person driving at all responsible? Sure, Henry jumped into the truck on his own free will, but he also begged¬† Tonga to stop.

What if Henry had been driving and Tonga was in the bed of the truck? I know one thing for sure, Henry would have been processed and behind bars already. Sure, Chris Henry made some unwise choices, but at the least, how will Loleini Tonga be able to live with herself. At most, she should be held responsible for her actions in this tragic event, including her action of deciding not to stop the truck and drive it “recklessly” as described by at least one witness.

What do you think? Should Tonga face any charges? What if Henry had been driving the truck–would the reaction from police and the media be any different?