Joe Halderman: Out On $200k Bail And Ordered To Stay Away From Dave Letterman

Halderman Freed; Ordered To Keep Away From Letterman: ”

The CBS News producer accused of trying to extort $2 million from David Letterman is free after posting $200,000 bail — but although Robert “Joe” Halderman is back on the street, he still has to stay away from Dave. Judge Michael Melkonian has issued a temporary order of protection requiring Halderman to keep away distance from the Late Show host.

On Friday, Halderman — who is accused of blackmailing Dave with secrets about his sex life with staffers — entered a plea of not guilty on one felony count of attempted grand larceny in the first degree.


(Photo) Stephanie Birkitt Surfaces As Potential Woman In David Letterman Scandal

Stephanie Birkitt

Stephanie Birkitt

Reports are circulating that are naming Stephanie Birkitt as the woman in the David Letterman scandal that he allegedly had a relationship with.

Even more surprising, it is being reported that Birkitt is the former girlfriend of Joe Halderman. Halderman is the man that was arrested for allegedly threatening to extort $2 million dollars from Dave to come public with details about the affair.

Birkitt, a graduate of Wake Forest University, joined the Letterman show as in intern in the late 90’s. She also held various roles on the show such as introducing viewer mail in quirky costumes.

Birkitt is reported to have said that Letterman was a lot of fun and he really put her at ease. Many who watch the show said that they had a good chemistry as they would banter  back and forth and even flirt at times.

However, the relationship is so far unconfirmed and Birkitt could not be reached for comment.