David Letterman: “I’ve Had Sex With Women That Work For The Show.”

In a bit of a surprising confession, David Letterman admits to his audience that he has indeed had sex with women that worked for his show.

Prior to his confession, Dave detailed how he had been approached by a man that threatened to write a movie and possibly a book about Dave’s exploits. Letterman then went to the special prosecutors office to tell them about the alleged extortion. The prosecutors’ office then had Dave and his attorney meet with the man 2 more times. At the second meeting, Dave gave the man a phoney check for $2 million dollars which was the amount he had requested.

Today, that man was arrested. Dave then confessed to his audience that he did indeed have sex with women that worked for the show, and that he would rather not discuss it anymore.

I have been a fan of Dave in the past. We all make mistakes, but I’m guessing this won’t go away real soon. However, it may fade away more quickly since he has already admitted his guilt–unless of course one of the women wants to write a book now.

So what do you think, how bad has Dave messed up?