David Letterman: “I’ve Had Sex With Women That Work For The Show.”

In a bit of a surprising confession, David Letterman admits to his audience that he has indeed had sex with women that worked for his show.

Prior to his confession, Dave detailed how he had been approached by a man that threatened to write a movie and possibly a book about Dave’s exploits. Letterman then went to the special prosecutors office to tell them about the alleged extortion. The prosecutors’ office then had Dave and his attorney meet with the man 2 more times. At the second meeting, Dave gave the man a phoney check for $2 million dollars which was the amount he had requested.

Today, that man was arrested. Dave then confessed to his audience that he did indeed have sex with women that worked for the show, and that he would rather not discuss it anymore.

I have been a fan of Dave in the past. We all make mistakes, but I’m guessing this won’t go away real soon. However, it may fade away more quickly since he has already admitted his guilt–unless of course one of the women wants to write a book now.

So what do you think, how bad has Dave messed up?

(Photo of Karen Sypher) Rick Pitino Admits Consensual Sex With Karen Cunagin Sypher: Should Louisville Let Him Go?

     Wow, I am stunned. Rick Pitino, famed University of Louisville and former UK Wildcat basketball coach, admits to having consensual sex with Karen Cunagin Sypher, a 49 year old former model. Sypher is charged with attempting to extort Pitino of money. Allegedly, Sypher, with the help of a friend, attempted to extort from Pitino 2 cars, have her mortgage paid off, her kids collged education paid for, and $3000 per month. This all stems from a meeting Pitino had with the woman in 2003 at a Louisville restaurant. Syper, in response to the refusal by Pitino to meet her demands, alleged she had been raped twice by him. The police apparently are not going to bring any rape charges against Pitino after hearing the Sypers side of the story.

     If this wasn’t dramatic enough. Pitno has 5 children. According to reports, on Aug. 1st of 2003, there was a get together at Porcini restaurant to celebrate the hiring of former NBA player now assistant coach Reggie Theus. Pitino’s version of the story is that after the get together and the restaurant was closed, the 2 had consensual sex. Two weeks later, Sypher calls him and tells Pitino she’s pregnant. Pitino tell her to meet him at the condo of then strength coach Tim Sypher. Later, to add an even more bizarre twist, Tim Syper ended up marrying Karen Cunagin (Sypher), although they are now divorced. Pitino told her that he would require a blood test to make sure it was his if she was going to have it. Sypher decided to have an abortion for $3000 which Pitino ended up paying for.

     Sypher’s version of the story is that she was raped at Porcini’s restaurant. Although Pitino thought the restaurant was empty at the time, however Pitino aide Tatum was evidently laying on the floor and heard the incident and said he thought it sounded like consensual sex. Syper also alleged she was raped at the condo meeting. However, these allegations didn’t come out until 2 weeks after Syper was charged with extortion.

     U of L athletic director Tom Jurich said that he felt Pitino had been truthful in the process and that he and the university stand behind him. While this is very unfortunate for all invloved, most notably the kids, it’s too bad that all the big players don’t take any stand or aren’t held accountable. I never liked UK basketball just because their fans were so obnoxious. Now, I’m going to have to start disliking UL. After the way they treated Crum, who may have had a sketchy personal side anyway, and now their SUPPORT of Pitino, what’s to like about them? Sure, Sypher was just trying to take Pitino for all he was worth. But Pitino had it all. Great job, good program, great family, then he pulls a stupid stunt like this–and supports an abortion on top of that. Isn’t he Catholic? If U of L doen’t let Pitino go, and they may not, they have some serious moral issues. Pitino is/was a great coach. Heck, I liked his attitude. But it really only takes one mistake like this to lose all credibility. How can he look any high school kid or college player in the eye now? Sure people make mistakes. But if you’re going to make mistakes this big, get into another business where you don’t have to serve as a role model for kids, have parents depend on you to coach and guide their son, and where an entire state looks to you for representation. Whether U of L supports him or not, Pitino should go. Heck, broadcasting for a year might even increase his celebrity status. He could even write a book and make more money than he would coaching. What a world we live in…..


Karen Sypher

Karen Sypher