Do Jews Have A Death Wish? Ahmadinejad To UN: Holocaust Never Happened

Are you kidding me? Do the Jews have a death wish? How can Ahmadinejad get up in front of the United Nations, deny that the holocaust ever happened, and there is absolutely no response from the Jewish community?

Isn’t that how it all started with Germany? Like lambs, they were led silently to the slaughter? Isn’t Israel’s role to be proactive and stop things like this from happening?

Netanyahu did get up and talk about the relatives he lost–but where is the rebuke?

Why are tens of thousands American Jews not on the streets of New York vehemently protesting? Ahmadinejad has already stated he wouldn’t mind wiping Israel off the planet. Isn’t this just another smack to the collective face of the Jews?

The media almost laughs it off–like, oh, Ahmadinejad, he’s so funny. Newsflash people, millions of Jews died in the holocaust. If Ahmadinejad is so delirious and high on crack that he is able to deny the holocaust with a straight face, then why is ANYONE, Obama included, giving him the time of day?

How bout the U.S. wipes Iran off the face of the planet and then claims there was always only a desert there anyway. Whoops. Sawwy bout your luck Iran. Me have slippery fingers. Me drop nuke on your country and it go boom.

So Obama is trying to take the high road. There’s the high road and then the lunatic road. Are we going to sit with our legs crossed and hands folded in our lap and next be told that we never landed on the moon?

Oh, and here’s some cherry kool-aid. Drink up boys and girls.  It will make you feel better.

So I guess Obama’s strategy is to listen to Ahmadinejad, and be like, yah yah yah, I hear yah. Now could you please hand over those nukes? And then Ahmadinejad politetly hands over the nukes. Then Russia disarms, then we disarm, oh yah, and so does China. Is that how this plays out?

Or, Ahmadinejad tells Obama: “Watch the little birdie.” Then BOOM, Israel gets blasted.

Netanyahu had a tone in his voice like he didn’t have any friends at the UN. I thought the U.S. was his ally.

But Obama didn’t even rebuke Ahmadinejad. Aww, Ahmadinejad having a bad day, come cry on Barack’s shoulder. There there now, does that feel better? Poor wittle baby…nobody wikes wittle Iran and their mean wittle nukes and terrorists. Baracky will make it all feel better.

Hey, Israel isn’t my home land. If the Jews want to sit home, praise Barack, and count their money, that’s on them.

But if I were Jewish, I’d be ticked. Big time.