Top 5 Online Scams-Pretty Funny…

5.  A guy from Nigeria emails you. Evidently you are a prince. You need to wire him $1000 to claim your throne and inherit all the riches of the Nigerian kingdom.

4. A different guy from Nigeria emails you. He inherited like $2.5 million bucks but needs like $2500 to pay escrow or something. Wire him $2500 and he’ll give you 10% of the inheritance.

3. A cousin of the first guy from Nigeria emails you. They’ve “found” your birth certificate. Wire him $1000 to get it.

2. This is kinda mean and often done to older people with relatives in other cities. Someone calls and says there’s  been a terrible accident (screaming in the background). The grandparents need to wire money to pay for hospital expenses, etc.

And…the  #1 scam going on the internet (tie)….

1. “Free” and click here to win a free ipod!!!!!