Does Obama Really Follow Justin Bieber on Twitter?

Hmm, I Wonder Who Obama Follows On Twitter-Justin Bieber Maybe?

Yesterday we ran a story about how you could follow the Whitehouse and Obama on Twitter. Today we’re going to take that one step further. Did you ever wonder who Obama follows on Twitter? You would think that would be a good list to get on. Well, as you’d expect, he follows groups like the IRS, the U.S. Embassy, the Secretary of the Navy, the Army, Veteran Affairs. But there are also a few individuals he follows. Like who?

Well, as you would expect, he Obama follows his right hand man Press Secretary Bobby Gibbs. I still don’t get why people call him Robert Gibbs because he definitely strikes me as a Bobby. He also follows a guy by the name of BillBurton44 who is some sort of deputy secretary that likes to get on John McCain for not being more fluent with computers. Reading Burton’s tweets was kind of like watching paint dry so I wouldn’t recommend following him. However, something on his Twitter account said it was an official Whitehouse Twitter page and as such, the tweets could be officially archived. So that might be kind of cool if you could get one of your tweets officially archived. Wait, doesn’t Google archive all your information anyway? Oh well…

And if that isn’t weird enough, he also follows KateatState i.e. Kate Jacobs Stanton. Exactly, that’s what I was thinking–who is she? Well, get this–she used to work for Google as a moderator, whatever that is–yes you read that correctly. Obama appointed her to a newly created position–one of those 4 million jobs created–of Director of Citizen Participation. What, are your serious? Are you kidding me? I’m betting she makes over 6 figures a year and I’m not sure that’s the best use of taxpayer money. Actually, don’t worry about your tax dollars being wasted here. Katie is busy tweeting about important political stuff like Maddow attending bar at the Washing correspondent get together after party termed “nedrprom”. Do I detect a secret crush here? I know aman crush is a bromance–what’s a woman crush–a worance? That kinda sounds like Scooby Doo–but I digress. Katie Stanton was so busy doing her new government job tweeting all day long she forgot to attend her son’s play at school–imagine that. Twitter followers were asked if she should buy him ice cream or Bakugan (video game). Yah, that’s a no brainer. She further mused that missing the play was OK if she could get Justin Bieber’s autograph at the nerdprom–I’m seriously not kidding here–these are your hard-earned tax dollars at work.

So while originally I planned on just writing about Whitehouse followers, this whole nerdprom thing has me a little upset. Among the invitees to nerprom were Jon Bon Jovi and Jay Leno as well as the aforementioned teen throb Justin Bieber. At this point now, I don’t think anything would surprise me. You have to give Obama credit though, he is definitely catering to pop stars and Hollywood. He knows that by getting their support, you get the support of the masses that follow them.

I just hope the next time we come under terrorist attack that the counsel of such wise strategists like Leno and Bieber will prove to have been productive.

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